5 Hero Counter Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

  • December 1, 2020

Mobile Legends Esmeralda

The Mage Hero who is known to have a thick enough HP is indeed very strong for dueling his enemies 1 vs 1.

In addition, Esmeralda also has passive skills that can provide Physical Damage and Magic Damage to enemies. So it’s no wonder, this hero is very difficult to beat.

But don’t worry, because here we have a recommendation for the toughest hero counters who can beat Her.

Curious? Check and check the list below.

1. Karrie – Marksman


Hero Marksman who is able to break through the defense of a Fighter hero even though this is a Tank will make Esmeralda overwhelmed if she fights him.

The reason is, his Karrie Light Wheel Mark skill can provide true damage during the fifth basic attack.

In addition, with her ultimate skill which is able to reduce Esmeralda’s blood faster because the resulting attack damage is very large.

2. Lancelot – Assassin


The strongest and best Assassin Hero in Mobile Legends is able to kill Esmeralda very easily and quickly thanks to his combo attack skills.

Interestingly, Lancelot also has a passive Soul Cutter skill which can reduce enemy armor and provide enormous extra damage to enemies.

3. Aldous – Fighter


This hero who was very overpowered in the late game was also very deadly during the early game.

Because, this hero has a deadly combo skill and is able to produce enormous attack damage.

In addition, this hero also has a passive skill that can produce a shield for 3 seconds, you know.

4. Lunox – Mage


This Mage Hero who has Starlight Pulse and Chaos Assasul skills will make Esmeralda in the early game be defeated in an instant.

In fact, Lunox also has two ultimate skills with different abilities and damage. Interesting right?

5. Barats – Fighter

Barats Esmeralda Counter

The last hero who can counter Esmeralda is Barats.

Barats is a Fighter hero who has a very deadly passive skill for Esmeralda.

Where Barats also has the ultimate skill that can provide a stun effect for a few seconds and provide a large enough Physical Damage for Esmeralda.

So, that was the list of the 5 heaviest hero counters for Esmeralda in Mobile Legends 2020. How, are you interested in conquering Esmeralda with the row of heroes above, right?

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