Good Similar Games Among Us

5 Similar Games Among Us Full of Tricks

  • December 11, 2020

Among Us is currently one of the games whose popularity is rising amid a pandemic. This game is in great demand because it can be played for free with friends and requires deductive skills to find impostors among crewmates.

But Among Us isn’t the only social deduction game you can enjoy with friends or even strangers. If you are looking for a game that requires cooperation and manipulation skills, you can play the following games.

1. Town of Salem (PC, Mac, Android and iOS)

Town of Salem is one of the most popular social deduction games before Among Us. This game is available on many major platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

In one gameplay, seven to 15 players will be put together and each will hold one of the 48 roles. Each role has its own abilities and goals.

These 48 roles are divided into three categories, namely Town, Mafia and Neutral. The goal for Town players is to catch all the criminals, and the Mafia wants to kill everyone.

Neutral roles have various purposes, some only need to survive in the game, some want certain players to die. Whatever role you take, you must use your deductive skills and tricks not only to find criminals, but also to convince others to believe in you.

2. Push the Button (All platforms)

At first glance, Push the Button looks similar to Among Us. The game, which is included in the Jackbox Party Pack 6 bundle, supports 4-10 players who are divided into aliens and humans. The background is the same in the spaceship.

The human team must identify the aliens and get them out of the spaceship. Meanwhile, the alien team must sabotage the plan and make humans accuse each other.

Push the Button can be played by downloading the Jackbox Party Pack 6 bundle which is available on all major platforms, from PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Android and iOS.

3. Project Winter (PC)

Project Winter brings together the game Among Us against a backdrop of snowy mountains. You and seven other players are stranded in a cabin and must save yourself by calling a helicopter.

But two of you are actually traitors whose job it is to kill the rest of the crew. If you are an innocent person, you must work together to complete the mission and get out of this location.

You can’t have a meeting and vote to kill someone who’s suspected, but you can choose someone to be expelled from the main house who will harm them.

You also don’t just have to avoid traitors because behind the heavy snow there are many wild animals that can prey on you. Moreover, communication in this game is limited, so you can only hear people who are near you.

4. Werewolf Online (Android and iOS)

Werewolf Online brings together up to 16 players in a village. Players are divided into two roles, namely as Villagers and Werewolves. Each Villagers also have their respective roles, and before nightfall they must save themselves from the Werewolves attack.

Just like Among Us, this game requires you to not immediately trust other players. Players can interact with each other and have discussions during the day, but at night the Werewolves will attack. This games is the most similar to Among Us.

5. Trouble in Terrorist Town (PC, Mac, Linux)

Trouble in Terrorist Town is one of the modes of the Garry’s Mod sandbox game. This game divides players into Innocents, Traitors, and Detectives teams.

Traitors must kill all Innocents players, while Innocents must cooperate with Detectives to identify all Traitors.

The Traitors and Detectives team can buy weapons and other equipment through an exclusive menu that Innocents cannot access. Because it has tons of weapons and equipment, Trouble in Terrorist Town has a lot more action than Among Us.

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