DotA 2 Beginner

Beginner at DotA 2 ? Here Some Tips For You

  • December 15, 2020

Dota 2 is a game with the MOBA game genre that is free to play, Dota 2 can be played exclusively through the official valve distributor, Steam. Although Dota 2 is not a new game in the world of e-sports, Dota 2 is the game most enjoyed by players from around the world, Dota 2 has 5 lanes and 5 different roles in Dota 2, the hero is divided into three elements, namely Strength , Agility, and Intelligence.

In Dota 2, every hero has 4 skills or more hero skills in Dota 2, there are active and passive skills, for example, like the Wraith King, this hero Strength only has 1 active skill and 3 passive skills, there is also Anti Mage, this agility hero has 3 active skills and 1 passive skill for Intelligence heroes, there is a Windranger hero who has 4 active skills.

Items in Dota 2 are active and passive, such as Clarity items that will add Mana to this hero, including active items and for passive items, Bracer, Null Talisman, Wraith Band, Ring Basilius, and Vladimir’s Offering. , every hero in Dota 2 has 6 item slots and 1 slot for neutral item slots and in Dota 2 there is a rune which consists of double damage, haste, bounty, invisible and arcane for the first rune usually in the 4th minute and will appears again in 2 minutes and there is also a Rune Bounty that will appear at the start of the game and every 5 minutes.

For those who want to try playing Dota 2, here are some tips before playing this game :

  • Choose a hero that you think is easy to use, usually for beginners, use Range heroes like Sniper, Zeus or Viper.
  • Last Hit, yes, in Dota 2, there is the term Last Hit, for those who have just played Dota 2, understand what Last Hit is in Dota 2 Gold, which can only be obtained through the last hit mechanism.
  • That means you are the ones who have to kill the enemy at the last moment. If you don’t get the last hit, you won’t be able to get Gold, making your hero poor, that’s not all, in Dota 2 there’s also a Deny Creep, by ditching this creep, our hero will get exp and enemy heroes won’t get exp.
  • Don’t try to master all Dota 2 heroes, understand 1 or 3 heroes first.
  • Get used to buying a Town Portal Scroll. This is a very important item in Dota 2 because if it passes 20 minutes or more. ), or avoid the enemy Hero’s pursuit.
  • With the help of the Town Portal Scroll, you can also reach other lanes more quickly, especially for making surprise attacks on enemy heroes. The price is also relatively cheap and you can buy it easily, especially if we have mastered the tips for eliminating Creep.
  • Understand the hero roles you will use later because in Dota 2 there are 5 roles such as carry, midlaner, offlaner, roamer / semi-support, and finally hard support.

Those are some tips for those who want to play Dota 2. Which of you are just starting out playing Dota 2, here?

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