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Remembering Game Neighbors From Hell

  • January 5, 2021

Remembering Game Neighbors From Hell, which was released in 2003 is a game made by JoWood Productions. The various silliness in this game makes anyone who plays it will feel very happy, because they can tease their neighbors with their unique actions.

The strategy that you have to arrange in this game must be perfect, otherwise you will get caught by the owner of the house and make the mission a complete failure.

Even though it looks frustrating to be the owner of the house, this game became a favorite game for young people in the 2000s and is very memorable to play it on.

Here are five unique facts about Neighbors from Hell, which is perhaps the most unique game ever released.

1. Has a unique story in the game

Bringing up the topic circulating in the community of this game can make you calm about it, because this game is a game like revenge on evil neighbors.

Sneaking into the house quietly then makes him angry because of the nosiness you play in this game, the more angry your neighbor is, the more points you will get.

But it’s not that easy, you have to devise good tactics and look at the routines of your neighbors so you can disturb them smoothly.

2. Gameplay is simple but feel at home to continue playing it

On the other hand, Neighborhood From Hell is a two-dimensional game that you can only control with mouse control and move objects. Hiding and picking up objects you can do in the neighbor’s house while thinking about tactics to set traps.

This neighbor’s house is also unique. There are three floors that you can find and several seasons are available to get to the next stage.

3. Simple rules of the game

Each level you play in this game has several traps that you have to install according to their place. Determining the right tactics and timing to set them takes a long time.

You have to avoid the neighbors in the same room so you don’t fail in this game. If you are pressed in one room, you can hide under the mattress or cupboard.

The more effective the traps you set, the higher the emotional presentation and your points will increase.

4. Games with a high level of silliness

Telling the nosiness of Woody, the main character of this game, and the Old Man as his neighbor is certainly very funny. Considering that if applied to real life, everything will feel ridiculous and absurd.

But on the other hand, this game will make you think of the best strategy in formulating tactics. Carefulness in requiring items used to set traps also requires expertise.

No wonder this game is unique but simple. There is not even another game like this in terms of gameplay or graphics.

5. Games that can relieve stress

The neighbor’s behavior if angry will make you laugh out loud, his red expression until his spine cracks makes this funny. The various ignorance that is the main target of this game is no less interesting to play.

Even though disturbing neighbors in the real world is prohibited, this game seems unique so that it can calm your chaotic mind. Playing this game does require tactics but you can understand this as you play it continuously.

Even though this game was released 13 years ago, the graphics of this game are still not satisfying for those of you who like cool and sharp graphics, but this can be replaced with a storyline and a lively game even with simple graphics.

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