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Among Us Clone Take Over China App Store

  • December 10, 2020

The popularity of Among Us has recently been worldwide. However, in China, the best-selling game today is an Among Us clone named Werewolf Among Us.

Based on data from analysis company Qimai Data. Werewolf Among Us topped the free game ranking on the Apple App Store last Monday after being downloaded 116 thousand times a day.

This game was developed by a new company called Shenzhen Youliang Technology and was launched in China on October 28th. Although it has only been launched for a few weeks. Werewolf Among Us has been downloaded 478 thousand times in total.

Beating Another Game

Werewolf Among Us managed to beat games made by big studios such as Honor of Kings. Which was downloaded 112 thousand times on the same day and Peacekeeper Elite which was downloaded 111 thousand times a game made by Tencent.

In some countries, including China, intellectual property laws usually cover only game art. Characters and stories but do not protect gameplay mechanics. As a result, clone games are common in China.

Even though it uses the same gameplay and map, Werewolf Among Us has a little difference compared to its inspiration. For example, the background of this game is a medieval castle and the character designs are made even cuter.

Among Us the original version can actually be downloaded in China via the App Store and Steam. But gamers in China were initially less enthusiastic about the game because it was not available in Chinese.

But his popularity in the Bamboo Curtain country gradually began to rise. According to Qimai data, in the last three months Among Us original has been downloaded 885 thousand times and has become the 10th best-selling game in China.

Another Among Us Clone Company

Apart from Werewolf Among Us, there is also another Among Us clone from China called Space Kill. The game developed by Beijing Renzhi Information Technology has been downloaded more than 251 thousand times on the App Store.

“For any game that looks like Among Us, as long as they have a Chinese language option, it will be downloaded a lot no matter how bad the game is,” said online media co-founder Zheng Jintiao of GamerBoom.

“But I don’t think games like this will be cloned by big companies because it is difficult to monetize in China,” he concluded.

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