Bravely default II

Bravely Default II Review: Classy JRPG!

  • March 15, 2021

Bravely Default II Review: Classy JRPG! Complaints about the modern approach that is too obvious for many JRPG games today are often echo by many “aged” gamers, who had enjoy the golden age of turn-base game titles in the past. The game industry does seem to push everything to the concept of action RPG; but if investigate further; there are not a few JRPG games that actually still retain the classic taste of the past.

One that still consistently does this is Square Enix. Apart from Dragon Quest whose popularity refuses to fade despite the aging franchise’s age; there is also Bravely Default II which has just been release for the Nintendo Switch.

As gamers who have never taste the first series or Bravely Second which appear as a different series; we are quite surprise about the attractiveness this series offers. The classic gameplay sensation bursts out from every angle, while offering challenging fighting action through unique mechanisms. Meanwhile, from the side of the story, it’s hard not to compare it with the Final Fantasy series; at the beginning of its existence.

So, what does Bravely Default II actually offer? Why do we call it a classy JRPG game? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Carrying a thick fantasy flavor, Bravely Default II takes the setting of a continent call Excilant. Apart from the dyad he is carrying, he comes with new stories and characters that are not related to the first series. This makes it friendly to any gamer who is just about to jump into this franchise.

You play the role of a mysterious character name Seth who wakes up strand on a beach after the ship he was traveling in is destroy in a storm. His short exploratory action makes Seth meet Gloria – a royal princess who has fallen apart, and Elvis and Adelle who go on an adventure together to find rare artifacts call “Asterisks”.

Even though they come with different motivations, the four characters finally decide to go on an adventure together due to cross-cutting factors

Gloria, of course, comes with the most crucial mission. Seeing her kingdom – Musa in ruins, Gloria wants to find back the four elemental crystals that once stood under their possession. But as can be predict, this journey will not be easy.

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Not only did the presence of the crystals scatter throughout the various kingdoms “invite” big trouble, but the neighboring kingdom called Holograd also paid great attention to it. Seth, Gloria, Elvis, and Adelle are now on an adventure that turns out to contain a mystery that is even deeper than what they previously predict.

Then, will they be able to collect these crystals again? What were the motivations for Holograd’s struggling to master it? What kind of secrets will be revealed in the middle of this adventure? Of course, you can find all the answers to these questions by playing Bravely Default II.

FF VII mobile

FF VII: Ever Crisis Mobile Version

  • March 8, 2021

FF VII: Ever Crisis Ready for Mobile Version Release in 2022. The presence of the Final Fantasy VII Remake game on the console platform was welcomed by fans all over the world, especially in Indonesia. One of the classic games with the adventurous storyline of Cloud with his friends; this game never makes you bored when playing the Final Fantasy game series.

Because many people really like the game Final Fantasy VII Remake; the company Square Enix wants to make a special mobile game with the Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis series, which according to the news will be ready to be launched in the coming year.

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FF VII and Square Enix

It is estimate that Final Fantasy VII; Ever Crisis will be an anthology series of all the works of the entire Final Fantasy VII story. The difference here is that the performance is different from the classic game; there are a few fresh sequels and there will be new covers such as; Advent Children, Before Crisis, Cryiis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus.

According to Square Enix, there are other additional content that cannot be discus or notify to the public so that lovers will be more curious and stay loyal to the presence of final fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Mobile Android and IOS versions.

Even though there is a mobile version, Square Enix will make the quality of the latest Final Fantasy graphics the same as the quality of Final Fantasy graphics in general, which is made more HD and good so that players are spoiled with action full of tension and there are several effects every monster attacks in the battle arena.

What do you think, gang? Is anyone waiting for the mobile version of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis in the coming year? (FF VII: Ever Crisis Mobile Version)

Review NBA 2K21

Review NBA 2K21 (Next-Gen)

  • March 1, 2021

Review NBA 2K21 (Next-Gen) – Those of you who actively participate seem to already know how we seldom review sports games because of the annual release format that it carries. It’s hard to shake off skepticism that the new iteration that launches each year does indeed come with features and changes that aren’t so significant that it’s not worth talking about. However, in some special conditions; sports games are include in the highest priority of review; especially at the time of the change in the generation of consoles. Why? Because usually the newest series that comes out there; will come with so many changes that even, deserve to be praise. The same reason that made us look to the Next-Gen version of the NBA 2K21 which is currently available for the Playstation 5.

The Features on NBA 2K21

With the extra performance of the Playstation 5 and the various features it carries, it is certainly interesting to see what 2K Sports has prepared with the Next-Gen version of the NBA 2K21. Because as we know, it is also the first next-gen game title to openly reveal plans to increase the price compare to the previous generation version. 2K Sports and Visual Concepts at the time claimed that the NBA 2K21 Next-Gen came with so many enhancements to make the increase in price justified. No doubt, these claims are enough to make our curiosity run high.

So, what does NBA 2K21 actually offer? Why did we choose one of the Indonesian rapper’s song lyrics – IWA K to describe how we feel with this one next-gen title? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

Believe it or not, NBA 2K21 Next-Gen also comes with its own storyline. It is present in a mode call MyCareer which is design in such a way as to follow the professional career paths of the Avatar characters that you form. Of course, he is complete with drama like a Hollywood movie.

The character you formulate and use is said to have almost given up on basketball and chose American Football as a career path. Rooted because of the memory of his father who in fact had a career in basketball in the past, followed by the insistence of several other characters, he finally decided to return. Skills above average eventually bring your character to shine, from high school, university, to the end being target by the NBA itself.

The Storyline of NBA 2K21 (Next-Gen)

It doesn’t always come straightforward and only presents random cut-scenes, Visual Concepts also tries to inject a super dramatic story in it, which is not always related to your basketball career itself. Some of the cut-scenes also contain choices that can influence what your next career move will be.

In fact, the extra points of dramatization are also melted into the gameplay, such as where in one point of the story, the character ends up getting injured while on the field. We thought that this was due to random factors, but were quite surprised to see how this situation was later pushed into part of the story. To be honest, as long as we play MyCareer, we don’t know which events end in scripted and which ones actually appear as a consequence of your gameplay side.

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So, can your character end up becoming a famous basketball player in the NBA? What kind of challenges did he have to go through? What events will accompany this process? All the answers to these questions you can get by playing NBA 2K21 itself. (Review NBA 2K21 (Next-Gen))

The Valheim Game

The New Valheim Game Ranking 1 on Steam

  • February 22, 2021

The New Valheim Game Released Immediately, Ranking 1 on Steam as the Best Game. Steam is a platform that provides a variety of needs for original games from various developers ranging from Dota2, CS: GO, Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town and various other games all on Steam Games. On Steam; they always update the latest games that can be played for free or paid so that players can choose; freely what games they want to play and want to finish if the game is an offline game.

Some time ago Steam launch various new games; one of which is Valheim; an adventure-theme game that was release in early February 2021 yesterday. Many loyal Steam players are curious about Valheim’s game gameplay and finally bought the original on the platform.

Unexpectedly; starting from being curious and wanting to know Valheim’s gameplay made the game rise to a position; in the list of the most popular games on Steam; in a short time and managed to gather hundreds of thousands of players in a very short time.

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Valheim Game Features

Reporting from SteamDB; Game Valheim was at the top of trending in steam for one week and even beat PUBG; Apex Legends; and GTA V games in the number of players on the steam list. Several reasons arise; why the Valheim game can occupy the best-selling and best-selling game; because this game allows players to survive from the extras of European countries and various enemies from ancient mythology; were present by the developer in the Valheim game.

Not only that, but players must explore more deeply from the various places that have been prepare by the game developer and in the future it will continue to be update starting from Map, Quest and many more so that loyal players will not be bore when playing the Valheim game.

It is so exciting and many Valheim game players can beat other Survival games such as Ark: Survival Evolved and other survival games. Who here is curious about the  game? Surely many are curious about the gameplay of the Valheim game and want to go on an adventure in the game. However, it is unfortunate that for now the game is still in the early access stage so that only certain people are doing it because there are still so many updates made by the developer to perfect the game.

Dota 2 Hoodwink

Hoodwink Dota 2 New Hero

  • February 15, 2021

Hoodwink Dota 2 New Hero. Sure enough, the Mistwood update includes a new Dota 2 hero name Hoodwink. “On the gameplay side, our original plan to launch a new hero was on November 30th, but he needs more time to relax during the winter. We will release it together with the 7.28 gameplay update, in mid-December,” wrote Valve on the game’s official blog on Last November.

Evidently, the new hero Dota 2 was immediately added to Patch Note 7.28. This new hero in the form of a squirrel with a cute face turns out to have quite a troublesome effect. Judging from the video trailer, Hoodwink appears to be carrying a weapon in the form of a ballista. He can shoot nets as well as arrows in his ultimate skill. He is a hero with abilities as a Nuker and Disabler. His skill can also function as a tool to escape quite effectively.

“Hoodwink lives in chaos with the threat of filling the haunted forest that he adopted as his home. Managing large arrows while still being able to penetrate the forest with great ease, Hoodwink is almost impossible to watch in battle,” wrote the description on the official website.

Dota 2 Hoodwink Ability and Skills

Quoted from The Sport Rush, the skills from Hoodwink are very useful for confining enemies while causing Critical Damage. He is also a Nuker, where slippery players can combine to lethal attacks using Ultimate, his Sharpshooter. Some of the skills possessed by Hoodwink include Acorn Shot (Q), Bushwhack (W), Scurry (E), Sharpshooter (R). Hoodwink’s first skill is Acorn Shot, where it will fire Acorn (Ek’s pohok acorn) which will bounce between enemy units.

Acorn can slow down and deal damage to enemies, and can become a tree (lasts for 20 seconds) when directed to the ground. The next skill is Bushwack, where the Hoodwink can fire a net to trap enemies when the unit is near a tree. Hoodwink has a passive effect in Scurry. This passive gives Hoodwink the opportunity to avoid Physical Attack when it is near trees.

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When activated, the hero can get a Movement Speed ​​bonus and can walk on the tree. The ultimate skill that is quite deadly is called Sharpshooter. When activating the skill, the hero needs charges first to shoot an arrow. Hoodwink will automatically fire after Channeling for 5 seconds, but the Damage will increase if the arrow can be held for more than 3 seconds.

After releasing the arrow, the Hoodwink will be knocked back by 350 units. To see details of the Mistwood update as well as animation effects and details of a new hero skill called Hoodwink, you can visit the official Dota 2 website.

Review Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War

Review Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War

  • February 8, 2021

Review Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War. The gaming industry and the end of the year mean talking about the release of AAA games aimed at filling the holiday period for countries in the western region, which are usually associated with massive shopping action. So as in previous years, among the AAA games, the name Call of Duty has emerge; which this year returns with Black Ops Cold War. 2020 is indeed consider special because instead of being done by Sledgehammer Games which should be responsible for the three-year cycle that has been set by Activision, it is being done again by Treyarch, who just two years ago – releasing COD: Black Ops IV to the market. With a situation like this, it’s no wonder he feels a little worry.

Fortunately, the first impression he made, ended quite positively. Those of you who have read our preview article seem to have got a pretty clear picture of what kind of experience it offers. Treyarch is back with a campaign mode that is position as a direct sequel series to the first COD: Black Ops, where Marson and Woods return to play an important role.

The fantastic is not root in the conspiracy story itself, but the implementation of various new mechanics and story options base on conversation options that do have a significant impact. Everything is wrap in the familiar multiplayer and zombie modes.

So, what does COD Black Ops Cold War actually offer? Why do we call this a fantastic campaign execution? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War Plot

Unlike the previous Black Ops series which, although they share a common thread, but comes with a long timeline jump, Black Ops Cold War acts as a direct sequel series to the first Call of Duty: Black Ops which was release in 2010. .

In the early 1980s, the United States, which succeeded in securing the masterminds behind the Iran hostage crisis, turned out to find a name that never thought would come out before. Those responsible for this case clearly stated that a mysterious spy named Perseus was behind the scenes. This figure is believe to have great potential to harm the United States, and because of this – President Ronald Reagan commission an illegal operation to eliminate it. A special forces group was form for this task, which included CIA Russell Adler, Alex Mason, Frank Woods, Lawrence Sims, Lazar, Hudson, Helen, and a new operator name – Bell.

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The mysterious Bell figure will be the main protagonist, where most of the story will be presented through his perspective. The investigation of the dark operations team around the world; which was also follow by the casualties who fell; believes one thing ; that Perseus is in possession of one of the most classify information from the United States which is call; “Operation Greenlight”. This operation reveal how this superpower had already prepare so many neutron bombs in almost all major European cities; in anticipation of a future Soviet invasion. As can be predict; Perseus wants to take command of these bombs; detonate them, and make the United States a scapegoat.

So, can this team prevent this one little apocalypse scenario? Who is the real Bell? Who is the true identity of Perseus? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. (Review Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War)

Video Game

The Astro’s Playroom game for PS 5

  • February 5, 2021

The Astro’s Playroom game for PS 5. Even though it comes as a platformer game as a basic mechanic; Astro’s Playroom is not design like conventional adventure games in general. Unlike the previous series; the fantastic Rescue Mission on Playstation VR; the existence of the Astro’s Playroom series seems clearly designed to fulfill at least two goals; “celebrating” the release of the Playstation 5; and being a small demo of what this new generation console has to offer. So this is what he succeeded in doing.

With a position that can almost be called the “mascot” for the Playstation outside of Knack in the Playstation 4 era yesterday; Astro’s Playroom will bring you into the Playstation 5 architecture as a “playground”. The world is divided into four different levels; each of which represents the technology that the Playstation 5 has used as a mainstay. With a small hub called CPU Plaza, you can dive into GPU Jungle, SSD Speedway, Cooling Springs, and Memory Meadow. Each of these worlds of course comes with a different theme while maintaining the aesthetics of the enemy; world, and environment that we know from the Astrobot series so far.

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Generational Celebration of the Sony’s PS 5

In the end; Astro’s Playroom was intend as a celebration for the Playstation’s activities in the gaming industry over the last 25 years. The puzzle pieces and various artifacts that you can collect as you explore each level; are usually associate with a specific Playstation console.

Even apart from the name he is carrying; each level is usually intend to celebrate a specific Playstation generation. Therefore; it is divide into 4 different levels; where every artifact that appears is usually relate to the console. Do you still remember the Playstation 2 Memory Card; Multi-Tap Playstation 1, PSP GO which was not popular in Indonesia; to the Playstation One which was equipp with a portable television? A replica of almost every accessory; console, and handheld that was release now comes to Astro’s Playroom with minimal interactivity in it.

Still not enough? They even provide a room call the Playstation Labo which will be fill with all the artifacts and puzzle pieces you find, which have made the history of the Playstation for the last 25 years even more “shine”. You can also see how other Astro-bots also carry out activities relate to the Playstation itself, from enjoying VR, admiring the Trophy system that is display on one of the tables, to those who are fiddling with consoles, games, and accessories that are now multiple sizes. -fold their bodies. Everything is present with a distinctive cute sound effect.

Another Astro’s Playroom ‘in game’ feature

The celebration doesn’t stop there. The Asobi Team has also injected a myriad of easter egg games that have accompanied Playstation’s progress at almost all levels you encounter. This easter egg appears in an iconic costume and scene that the Astro Bots have now recreated in front of the camera. Trying to find and recognize every easter egg that appears is also fun, especially if you have your own emotional attachment to them. One thing is certain, all of these franchises have made the Playstation the “home” of their first series. We’re talking about easter eggs as clear as Death Stranding, Killzone, to Tekken, but those that need a little digestion are like Journey or the first Resident Evil. Of course, they wouldn’t miss Final Fantasy VII here.

In terms of music or sound effects, Astro’s Playroom doesn’t come with music quality that will be enough to make you inject them into your Spotify playlist. But still following their mission as a game that celebrates Playstation’s life, they end up injecting every Playstation engine start-up song, in every generation, depending on the level you complete. It is undeniable that hearing again the sound of the start-up that had accompanied this youth, especially for the Playstation 1 and Playstation 2, did leave a strong nostalgic sensation. Meanwhile, on the other hand, this game has strengthened its position as a celebration of the Playstation generation itself. (The Astro’s Playroom game for PS 5)

Review Sony Playstation 5

Sony Playstation 5 with Astro’s Playroom

  • February 4, 2021

Sony Playstation 5 with Astro’s Playroom. What makes the Playstation 5 appear as a “special” next-generation console? In addition to a significant increase in performance when compare to the Playstation 4; which has been alive for at least the last 7 years; which then translates into games that can now run at higher resolutions complete with ray-tracing support; Sony is also continuing to push their newest controllers. stretcher.

As new and modern as this controller technology is, they don’t even hesitate to discard the name “DualShock” that has accompanied the release of the Playstation for the last 4 generations. They name it DualSense, a controller that is claim to bring a more immersive playing sensation, right into your hands.

Of course, all these claims would feel like nonsense if Sony couldn’t prove it from the first release. The best and most reasonable solution? Releasing the Playstation 5 with a video game that will immediately showcase this technology optimally; showing the potential that gamers can anticipate in the future; while still supporting the various performance improvements brought by the Playstation 5 compared to the previous generation. This responsibility must be borne by Team ASOBI with their latest game – Astro’s Playroom.

So, what does Astro’s Playroom actually offer?

Why do we call it a game that looks like a generational celebration; especially for Playstation’s activities over the last 25 years? Even though it comes as a platformer game as a basic mechanic; Astro’s Playroom is not design like conventional adventure games in general. Unlike the previous series – the fantastic Rescue Mission on Playstation VR; the existence of the Astro’s Playroom series seems clearly designed to fulfill at least two goals – “celebrating” the release of the Playstation 5 and being a small demo of what this new generation console has to offer. So this is what he succeeded in doing.

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With a position that can almost be call the “mascot” for the Playstation outside of Knack in the Playstation 4 era yesterday, Astro’s Playroom will bring you into the Playstation 5 architecture as a “playground”. The world is divide into four different levels, each of which represents the technology that the Playstation 5 has use as a mainstay. With a small hub called CPU Plaza, you can dive into GPU Jungle, SSD Speedway, Cooling Springs, and Memory Meadow. Each of these worlds of course comes with a different theme while maintaining the aesthetics of the enemy, world, and environment that we know from the Astrobot series so far. (Sony Playstation 5 with Astro’s Playroom)

Project Brooklyn Gaming Chair


  • February 3, 2021

PROJECT BROOKLYN GAMING CHAIR. Project Brooklyn is a state-of-the-art gaming chair design for all types of gamers, made of carbon fiber and RGB lighting, the design concept of Project Brooklyn transforms from an ergonomic gaming chair to a complete gaming entertainment chair for PC and console gamers.

The gaming chair is complete with panoramic visuals from the 60 ”rollout display; touch feedback on the chair, and 4D armrests that can be attach and customize to the peripheral table. A typical all-in-one seat offering a room size “cockpit” seating style.

Inspired by the Razer Iskur introduced in October 2020; Project Brooklyn took a big step by connecting the gaming chair to the screen and functional components such as armrests; while maintaining comfort.

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This chair can customize the cable routing and design elements of a Razer Raptor monitor. Mount from the back of the chair and can be use with the touch of a button it supports a 60-inch screen with stunning visual detail; The chair can be fold back when not in use; its appearance can bring you to the center of attention with sharp details and a great panoramic experience.

The modular 4D armrest allows the table to be neatly tuck away and foldable with ergonomically flexible flexibility; making it easy for you to switch between a gaming PC with a mouse and keyboard; or a gaming console. There are separate panels on each armrest to make it easier for the keyboard and mouse; so that half of the table can be fold up when not in use.

“Project Brooklyn is a compelling concept that develops the true essence of a complete immersive gaming station, haptic feedback, visuals and the whole design functions to attract the main attention, so as to convey an exciting gaming experience.”

Razer will continue to develop the concept of this gaming chair, conducting testing with the best esports athletes and influencers to measure fit, comfort and performance. The Project Brooklyn concept is intend to offer insights into how to enhance user mechanics and design for a more immersive gaming experience and inspire Razer’s growth of future gaming chairs. (PROJECT BROOKLYN GAMING CHAIR)

Terizla Mobile Legend

Terizla Mobile Legends Item Build to Optimize Attack and Defense

  • February 2, 2021

Terizla Mobile Legends Item Build to Optimize Attack and Defense. You need a fighter hero with high damage and attack in Mobile Legend. The right choice is Terizla a hero in Mobile Legend. What makes this hero popular is the ability to provide damage so that it is worthy of being a tank and fighter simultaneously. However, the downside is that it is slow. Enemy heroes can dodge and then make Terizla an easy target. In order for optimal attacks and better hero performance, you need a Build Item called Mobile Legends. The following list shows some items that are suitable for pairing with the terizla fighter type hero.

Shoes Equipment for Terizla is Warrior Boots

The first thing that needs to be addressed is speed and movement. To meet these needs, you need to pair boots. The right choice is warrior boots. This is an item that is useful for increasing physical movement. With this item, you can move the terizla hero smoothly.

Another advantage is 22 armor points. This addition is useful for defense. Hero fighters can indeed provide damage but are vulnerable to counterattacks. The fast movement also triggers the enemy to continue attacking as you approach them. Therefore, heroes need defense armor. Other terizla build items in Mobile Legends as an alternative are tough boots and demon shoes.

Attack Equipment for Terizla is Bloodlust Ax

The next item is bloodlust ax. This is an item that can increase physical attacks. For those who use terizla, physical attacks need to be greater. Items like this are the right choice. Besides that, you also get passive skills that can be used to increase capabilities.

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Defence Item for Terizla is Athena’s Shield

You need to think about defense when using the terizla. Damage is large but there must be something that can protect against long-range attacks, especially magic. To meet these needs, the right choice of Bang Bang Mobile Legends items is Athena’s Shield.

Items like this are useful in the late game. In that session, the enemy hero will launch a major attack because he has received damage. The main target is a hero who is easily attacked because his movements tend to be slow. You are wearing a terizla and have to be prepared for the attack. Another function of this item is to survive magic and keep mana from being wasteful.

Another Attack equipment for Terizla is Endless Battle

The most important build item in Mobile Legends is endless battle. This is an attack item with additional useful features. Items will increase mana regen, lifesteal, and HP. Furthermore, the hero also receives a cooldown reduction. With this feature, you are ready to attack again with a quick period.

Wings of The Apocalypse Queen

The latest sickest build item is Wings of the Apocalypse Queen. This is an item that can both defend and attack. When used, the hero will receive around 1000 hp. A quite significant number, especially in the final battle.


Fighters must remain until the battle is over. If you die or lose, the hero will appear again because you use an immortality item. Apart from these features, items provide pretty good defense. Damage will be reduced because it is able to absorb attacks. Immortality’s job is to survive and you change to malefic roar when your position is superior.

The most popular build item in Mobile Legends shows that high level attack is not enough. This hero must be able to reach the enemy. In addition, attacks also need to be balanced with defense. You don’t want the terizla hero to quickly lose and even die just because you choose the wrong defensive item. The list above shows what needs to be bought and used so that the strategy is more optimal.