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Bravely Default II Review: Classy JRPG!

  • March 15, 2021

Bravely Default II Review: Classy JRPG! Complaints about the modern approach that is too obvious for many JRPG games today are often echo by many “aged” gamers, who had enjoy the golden age of turn-base game titles in the past. The game industry does seem to push everything to the concept of action RPG; but if investigate further; there are not a few JRPG games that actually still retain the classic taste of the past.

One that still consistently does this is Square Enix. Apart from Dragon Quest whose popularity refuses to fade despite the aging franchise’s age; there is also Bravely Default II which has just been release for the Nintendo Switch.

As gamers who have never taste the first series or Bravely Second which appear as a different series; we are quite surprise about the attractiveness this series offers. The classic gameplay sensation bursts out from every angle, while offering challenging fighting action through unique mechanisms. Meanwhile, from the side of the story, it’s hard not to compare it with the Final Fantasy series; at the beginning of its existence.

So, what does Bravely Default II actually offer? Why do we call it a classy JRPG game? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Carrying a thick fantasy flavor, Bravely Default II takes the setting of a continent call Excilant. Apart from the dyad he is carrying, he comes with new stories and characters that are not related to the first series. This makes it friendly to any gamer who is just about to jump into this franchise.

You play the role of a mysterious character name Seth who wakes up strand on a beach after the ship he was traveling in is destroy in a storm. His short exploratory action makes Seth meet Gloria – a royal princess who has fallen apart, and Elvis and Adelle who go on an adventure together to find rare artifacts call “Asterisks”.

Even though they come with different motivations, the four characters finally decide to go on an adventure together due to cross-cutting factors

Gloria, of course, comes with the most crucial mission. Seeing her kingdom – Musa in ruins, Gloria wants to find back the four elemental crystals that once stood under their possession. But as can be predict, this journey will not be easy.

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Not only did the presence of the crystals scatter throughout the various kingdoms “invite” big trouble, but the neighboring kingdom called Holograd also paid great attention to it. Seth, Gloria, Elvis, and Adelle are now on an adventure that turns out to contain a mystery that is even deeper than what they previously predict.

Then, will they be able to collect these crystals again? What were the motivations for Holograd’s struggling to master it? What kind of secrets will be revealed in the middle of this adventure? Of course, you can find all the answers to these questions by playing Bravely Default II.

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