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Anime MMORPG Blue Protocol is Free to play

  • January 6, 2021

Anime MMORPG Blue Protocol finally have a Great news for gamers out there. Badai Namco explained that their business model will be a free-to-play game. They will provide the option to buy cosmetic items with real money as the main income. One of the Bandai Namco staff said that they also plan to provide a subscription system such as premium service. But it is adamant that players will not be able to get any benefits associated with the gameplay with real money. This means you won’t be able to get strong items by paying for them.

Like other MMORPG/Anime MMORPG games, each character will get Skill Points every time you level up. Starting from class points to bonus skill points. You can reset the skill tree with a special ticket that can only be purchased with a special currency. It is not clear whether the special currency will also be obtained by purchasing it with real money. But what is clear, they make sure you can get it just by continuing the main story or defeating the Raid Boss.

Each character will have active and passive skills. The Aegis Fighter tanker, for example, will have a shield resistance meter that will continue to decrease when it blocks enemy attacks. If the meter runs out, then you won’t be able to use your skills or your shield. The Blue Protocol has six element attributes. Each enemy will have weaknesses from certain elements. And each element will have other additional statuses such as burning, reducing HP every few seconds, and so on.

The Blue Protocol has six element attributes. Each enemy will have weaknesses from certain elements. And each element will have other additional statuses such as burning, reducing HP every few seconds, and so on. Although Blue Protocol will not have clothing customizations that are directly related to its class. But they promised to provide color customization for each costume in the future. As a PC game, Blue Protocol will also have HUD customization. You can move the status level, HP, and skill slots wherever you like. You will also be able to change all the buttons at will, including storing several key mapping for each class.

Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity

Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity Review

  • December 30, 2020

The Three Kingdoms-themed gacha game, Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity has opened its beta period and everyone can play it. Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity is an RPG genre game that tells the story of the battles of the best Three Kingdom heroes of their time. In this game, you not only collect and strengthen characters, but you will also be faced with strategic battles through various skill sets by combining the characteristics and strategies of each character.

This game has an interesting storyline with slick cinematic 3D, and has a turn based RPG gameplay with more than 110 characters that can be collected and used.

How much fun is this one game? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity through this one review!

Three Kingdom Themed Characters and Stories

In accordance with the name of the game, this game certainly carries the Three Kingdom theme starting from the characters to the storyline. In this game, there are several game modes where players can experience the battles they faced during the Three Kingdoms.

There are various modes that you can play

Besides being able to complete the main mission, you can also try other modes such as Daily Dungeon, Event Dungeon, Elite Dungeon, Event Conquest, Boss, to Raid Boss. Each of these modes will provide rewards that are useful for enhancing and strengthening your character.

Auto Gameplay, Can Be Played While Doing Other Activities

The auto battle feature in this game may be an advantage for some gamers, especially those who are busy. With the auto feature, you can carry out missions while doing other activities.

Friendly with Potato Phones

Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity is very light, even smooth to play on potato cellphones. You will not experience lag or freeze as long as you are using a smartphone with a Snapdragon 410 chipset or higher.

The following are the minimum specifications to play Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity smoothly.


Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S4 or later;
Chipset: Snapdragon 410 or higher
GPU: Adreno 306;
RAM: 1.5 GB;
OS: 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher.


iPhone 6s / iPad 3 or higher.

Slightly Unattractive Graphics

One of the drawbacks of this game is that the graphics are fairly ordinary for games released in 2020. Ordinary graphics don’t mean bad, because Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity has 3D graphics that are quite interesting.


In conclusion, this game is recommended for those of you who like gacha games and want to play games but have a busy life in the real world. With the auto combat feature, you can play this game on the sidelines of your busy life.

Since this game is still in the beta test phase, you may encounter some minor bugs.

DotA 2 Beginner

Beginner at DotA 2 ? Here Some Tips For You

  • December 15, 2020

Dota 2 is a game with the MOBA game genre that is free to play, Dota 2 can be played exclusively through the official valve distributor, Steam. Although Dota 2 is not a new game in the world of e-sports, Dota 2 is the game most enjoyed by players from around the world, Dota 2 has 5 lanes and 5 different roles in Dota 2, the hero is divided into three elements, namely Strength , Agility, and Intelligence.

In Dota 2, every hero has 4 skills or more hero skills in Dota 2, there are active and passive skills, for example, like the Wraith King, this hero Strength only has 1 active skill and 3 passive skills, there is also Anti Mage, this agility hero has 3 active skills and 1 passive skill for Intelligence heroes, there is a Windranger hero who has 4 active skills.

Items in Dota 2 are active and passive, such as Clarity items that will add Mana to this hero, including active items and for passive items, Bracer, Null Talisman, Wraith Band, Ring Basilius, and Vladimir’s Offering. , every hero in Dota 2 has 6 item slots and 1 slot for neutral item slots and in Dota 2 there is a rune which consists of double damage, haste, bounty, invisible and arcane for the first rune usually in the 4th minute and will appears again in 2 minutes and there is also a Rune Bounty that will appear at the start of the game and every 5 minutes.

For those who want to try playing Dota 2, here are some tips before playing this game :

  • Choose a hero that you think is easy to use, usually for beginners, use Range heroes like Sniper, Zeus or Viper.
  • Last Hit, yes, in Dota 2, there is the term Last Hit, for those who have just played Dota 2, understand what Last Hit is in Dota 2 Gold, which can only be obtained through the last hit mechanism.
  • That means you are the ones who have to kill the enemy at the last moment. If you don’t get the last hit, you won’t be able to get Gold, making your hero poor, that’s not all, in Dota 2 there’s also a Deny Creep, by ditching this creep, our hero will get exp and enemy heroes won’t get exp.
  • Don’t try to master all Dota 2 heroes, understand 1 or 3 heroes first.
  • Get used to buying a Town Portal Scroll. This is a very important item in Dota 2 because if it passes 20 minutes or more. ), or avoid the enemy Hero’s pursuit.
  • With the help of the Town Portal Scroll, you can also reach other lanes more quickly, especially for making surprise attacks on enemy heroes. The price is also relatively cheap and you can buy it easily, especially if we have mastered the tips for eliminating Creep.
  • Understand the hero roles you will use later because in Dota 2 there are 5 roles such as carry, midlaner, offlaner, roamer / semi-support, and finally hard support.

Those are some tips for those who want to play Dota 2. Which of you are just starting out playing Dota 2, here?

Good Similar Games Among Us

5 Similar Games Among Us Full of Tricks

  • December 11, 2020

Among Us is currently one of the games whose popularity is rising amid a pandemic. This game is in great demand because it can be played for free with friends and requires deductive skills to find impostors among crewmates.

But Among Us isn’t the only social deduction game you can enjoy with friends or even strangers. If you are looking for a game that requires cooperation and manipulation skills, you can play the following games.

1. Town of Salem (PC, Mac, Android and iOS)

Town of Salem is one of the most popular social deduction games before Among Us. This game is available on many major platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

In one gameplay, seven to 15 players will be put together and each will hold one of the 48 roles. Each role has its own abilities and goals.

These 48 roles are divided into three categories, namely Town, Mafia and Neutral. The goal for Town players is to catch all the criminals, and the Mafia wants to kill everyone.

Neutral roles have various purposes, some only need to survive in the game, some want certain players to die. Whatever role you take, you must use your deductive skills and tricks not only to find criminals, but also to convince others to believe in you.

2. Push the Button (All platforms)

At first glance, Push the Button looks similar to Among Us. The game, which is included in the Jackbox Party Pack 6 bundle, supports 4-10 players who are divided into aliens and humans. The background is the same in the spaceship.

The human team must identify the aliens and get them out of the spaceship. Meanwhile, the alien team must sabotage the plan and make humans accuse each other.

Push the Button can be played by downloading the Jackbox Party Pack 6 bundle which is available on all major platforms, from PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Android and iOS.

3. Project Winter (PC)

Project Winter brings together the game Among Us against a backdrop of snowy mountains. You and seven other players are stranded in a cabin and must save yourself by calling a helicopter.

But two of you are actually traitors whose job it is to kill the rest of the crew. If you are an innocent person, you must work together to complete the mission and get out of this location.

You can’t have a meeting and vote to kill someone who’s suspected, but you can choose someone to be expelled from the main house who will harm them.

You also don’t just have to avoid traitors because behind the heavy snow there are many wild animals that can prey on you. Moreover, communication in this game is limited, so you can only hear people who are near you.

4. Werewolf Online (Android and iOS)

Werewolf Online brings together up to 16 players in a village. Players are divided into two roles, namely as Villagers and Werewolves. Each Villagers also have their respective roles, and before nightfall they must save themselves from the Werewolves attack.

Just like Among Us, this game requires you to not immediately trust other players. Players can interact with each other and have discussions during the day, but at night the Werewolves will attack. This games is the most similar to Among Us.

5. Trouble in Terrorist Town (PC, Mac, Linux)

Trouble in Terrorist Town is one of the modes of the Garry’s Mod sandbox game. This game divides players into Innocents, Traitors, and Detectives teams.

Traitors must kill all Innocents players, while Innocents must cooperate with Detectives to identify all Traitors.

The Traitors and Detectives team can buy weapons and other equipment through an exclusive menu that Innocents cannot access. Because it has tons of weapons and equipment, Trouble in Terrorist Town has a lot more action than Among Us.

Among Us Clone

Among Us Clone Take Over China App Store

  • December 10, 2020

The popularity of Among Us has recently been worldwide. However, in China, the best-selling game today is an Among Us clone named Werewolf Among Us.

Based on data from analysis company Qimai Data. Werewolf Among Us topped the free game ranking on the Apple App Store last Monday after being downloaded 116 thousand times a day.

This game was developed by a new company called Shenzhen Youliang Technology and was launched in China on October 28th. Although it has only been launched for a few weeks. Werewolf Among Us has been downloaded 478 thousand times in total.

Beating Another Game

Werewolf Among Us managed to beat games made by big studios such as Honor of Kings. Which was downloaded 112 thousand times on the same day and Peacekeeper Elite which was downloaded 111 thousand times a game made by Tencent.

In some countries, including China, intellectual property laws usually cover only game art. Characters and stories but do not protect gameplay mechanics. As a result, clone games are common in China.

Even though it uses the same gameplay and map, Werewolf Among Us has a little difference compared to its inspiration. For example, the background of this game is a medieval castle and the character designs are made even cuter.

Among Us the original version can actually be downloaded in China via the App Store and Steam. But gamers in China were initially less enthusiastic about the game because it was not available in Chinese.

But his popularity in the Bamboo Curtain country gradually began to rise. According to Qimai data, in the last three months Among Us original has been downloaded 885 thousand times and has become the 10th best-selling game in China.

Another Among Us Clone Company

Apart from Werewolf Among Us, there is also another Among Us clone from China called Space Kill. The game developed by Beijing Renzhi Information Technology has been downloaded more than 251 thousand times on the App Store.

“For any game that looks like Among Us, as long as they have a Chinese language option, it will be downloaded a lot no matter how bad the game is,” said online media co-founder Zheng Jintiao of GamerBoom.

“But I don’t think games like this will be cloned by big companies because it is difficult to monetize in China,” he concluded.

Free Fire and PUBG

Free Fire and PUBG Still On Top

  • December 9, 2020

Despite being covered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global mobile game industry’s revenue has grown 26% year on year. The most popular mobile game application is Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, with the highest revenue.

Based on the Sensor Tower report, global player spending in playing mobile games in the first nine months of 2020 reached USD 58.7 billion or the equivalent of IDR 835.6 trillion. The increase in income was due to a pandemic, which made people play games a lot.

When compared to a similar period during Q1 to Q3 2019, mobile game spending grew 17.5% from year to year to around USD 46.7 billion.

Judging from the application store. The expenditure for gamers was 25.3% year on year during this quarter to around USD 35.2 billion. Meanwhile, the Play Store is also the same, namely up 26.3% from year to year to USD 23.5 billion.

Meanwhile, from the side of the largest contributor. The United States (US) was in the first place, earning USD 16.5 billion. Then followed by Japan with an expenditure of USD 13 billion, China with USD 10.6 billion.

From the growth of the mobile game industry. PUBG Mobile is declared the most popular game. Because it is able to collect more than USD 2 billion. For the record, this income does not include the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, Game For Peace.

After that there are Honor of Kings, Pokemon Go, Coin Master, Monster Strike, Roblox, Gardenspaces, Candy Crush Saga, Fate / Grand Order, and Rise of Kingdoms.

Talking about the most mobile game applications. PUBG Mobile is still inferior to Garena Free Fire which is at number one with more than 220 million installs.

Sensor Tower sees that the growth of the mobile game industry itself. It’s expected to continue in the fourth quarter of this year. As the pandemic is still not over, in which people spend time and entertainment playing games.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 Price Dropped

  • December 8, 2020

Rockstar implemented a new strategy for its flagship game, namely Red Dead Redemption 2. They separated the main game from the online version, at a very low price.
Red Dead Online is marketed for only around IDR 70 thousand, while Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) is sold at the same price as before (on Steam currently the price is IDR 640 thousand).

The separation of this game will not affect users who have previously purchased RDR 2. They can still play Red Dead Online without having to buy a new game.

Meanwhile, gamers who don’t have the game yet and are only interested in playing the online version can buy Red Dead Online, which is available on various platforms. Like PC, PS4, and Xbox One, also of course on new generation consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Keep in mind, this IDR 70 thousand is the ‘introductory price’ for Red Dead Online, because starting February 15, 2021, the game’s price will increase to USD 20 or around IDR 300 thousand. For console users, they also need to subscribe to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold, because these games can only be played online.

Even though the price is much cheaper, the Red Dead Online installation file size is still very large. Reaching 123GB, just like the full version. Apparently, the single player campaign is still available in the installation but it’s locked.

Rockstar’s move makes sense, because many gamers only want to play the online version of RDR 2. And before that they applied the same strategy as GTA 5, which was separated from GTA Online.

They can also reap the benefits of this cheaper game. Namely from micro transactions, aka in app purchases in the game.


5 Hero Counter Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

  • December 1, 2020

Mobile Legends Esmeralda

The Mage Hero who is known to have a thick enough HP is indeed very strong for dueling his enemies 1 vs 1.

In addition, Esmeralda also has passive skills that can provide Physical Damage and Magic Damage to enemies. So it’s no wonder, this hero is very difficult to beat.

But don’t worry, because here we have a recommendation for the toughest hero counters who can beat Her.

Curious? Check and check the list below.

1. Karrie – Marksman


Hero Marksman who is able to break through the defense of a Fighter hero even though this is a Tank will make Esmeralda overwhelmed if she fights him.

The reason is, his Karrie Light Wheel Mark skill can provide true damage during the fifth basic attack.

In addition, with her ultimate skill which is able to reduce Esmeralda’s blood faster because the resulting attack damage is very large.

2. Lancelot – Assassin


The strongest and best Assassin Hero in Mobile Legends is able to kill Esmeralda very easily and quickly thanks to his combo attack skills.

Interestingly, Lancelot also has a passive Soul Cutter skill which can reduce enemy armor and provide enormous extra damage to enemies.

3. Aldous – Fighter


This hero who was very overpowered in the late game was also very deadly during the early game.

Because, this hero has a deadly combo skill and is able to produce enormous attack damage.

In addition, this hero also has a passive skill that can produce a shield for 3 seconds, you know.

4. Lunox – Mage


This Mage Hero who has Starlight Pulse and Chaos Assasul skills will make Esmeralda in the early game be defeated in an instant.

In fact, Lunox also has two ultimate skills with different abilities and damage. Interesting right?

5. Barats – Fighter

Barats Esmeralda Counter

The last hero who can counter Esmeralda is Barats.

Barats is a Fighter hero who has a very deadly passive skill for Esmeralda.

Where Barats also has the ultimate skill that can provide a stun effect for a few seconds and provide a large enough Physical Damage for Esmeralda.

So, that was the list of the 5 heaviest hero counters for Esmeralda in Mobile Legends 2020. How, are you interested in conquering Esmeralda with the row of heroes above, right?

PUBG Mobile

Knowing What is PUBG Mobile

  • November 28, 2020

Hi Guys! Do you often hear a game called PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile or what is commonly called PUBG Mobile? Because this Battle Royale Mobile Game is viral and is being played a lot by your friends, surely you are wondering “What is PUBG Mobile?”.

So, today we will tell you a brief explanation about what is PUBG Mobile? Come on, see the following article!

What is PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale Mobile Game published by Tencent and has reached 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Where 100 players fight to survive, until one of them becomes the winner.

PUBG MOBILE is adapted from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The original Battle Royale game on PC and Xbox One and is a phenomenon that has amazed the interactive entertainment world in 2017. The 100 players will parachute onto an island covering 8×8 km to fight in battles where the winner will take everything !

Knowing The Gameplay Feature

Players must find and retrieve their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat all other players in sight as well as the battlefield that puts players into a shrinking Play Zone.

When the players start the game, they will be on the plane. Then the player will dive into a location using a parachute to find survival equipment. Such as weapons, armor, and healing items.


After a few minutes, a white circle indicating the Play Zone will appear and players must immediately enter the Play Zone circle.

The PUBG play zone will renew and shrink when the circle time reaches 0:00. This made some areas unsafe. Players who are outside the white circle (Play Zone) will bleed and die, then the white circle will shrink continuously.

As a result of the shrinking of the Play Zone, all players will meet each other in the last circle. After that they will battle it out to survive and become the last player to win the Chicken Dinner.

Can Be Played Co-Op

You can also play with your friends! With the Duo or Squad modes in this game, making PUBG Mobile very exciting and tense! You will work together to beat other teams to become the last team standing!

That’s the brief explanation about understanding PUBG Mobile. Now you have know what you need to know, it’s time to play with your friend.

Good Similar Games Among Us

A Good Game For Co-Op

  • November 27, 2020

Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction online game developed by American online game developer Intersloth and published on June 15th, 2018. It is an interactive game set in a virtual space-themed environment, where players each play out one of the two main characters. Each taking on a certain number of roles. The Crewmembers, have to solve mysteries by investigating clues placed around the environment. The Impostors, who are attempting to steal a mystery object for themselves.

Narrative Story

Among Us

Among Us follows the narrative of the story from the start of the game. Until it ends with the destruction of all life on Earth by a meteor storm. All the information regarding the events can be discovered in the journal of the Crewmembers. Which is found at their respective stations. The player will be given instructions at the beginning of the game, and the game starts in that state. It is up to the player to uncover the truth about the events that have been happening on Earth, as the consequences may be devastating.

The gameplay of Among Us revolves around solving puzzles related to the environment that is available in various stages. These include items, clues, and objects, that when combined in certain ways will help you to solve some of the mysteries that are in your path.

The interface of Among Us includes a list of all the items that are required in the game. All the player has to do is to locate these items, or to find out their location, and use them to access new areas.

Different Level

There are also several levels in Among Us, ranging from easy to difficult. Each level requires the player to perform tasks in various stages, and the more difficult ones require a specific amount of investigation on the part of the player before they can advance.

The biggest advantage of the game, however, is the fact that its narrative is very simple and straight forward, as compared to many other multiplayer games, where players need to put their efforts to uncover the answers. In this regard, Among Us makes an interesting contrast with other online games, where the players often have to spend their time trying to figure out the true ending of the games.


Among Us also allows for free roam. Meaning that it lets its players explore the whole world and explore how the different areas are connected. Without having to use any of the maps or guides. It also provides plenty of interesting and varied locations to visit and explore. As the game gives players to choose between a large number of possible routes.

In summary, Among Us, though not as much different from the other online games like Mafia Wars. It is nevertheless a great online game that gives its players a lot to keep track of, while playing. Its narrative is straightforward and easy to understand, but provides plenty of entertainment.

Among Us is available at no cost and for those who want to try out a new game without any obligations. There is no better option than to try it out. It has a very easy to understand interface, with clear instructions and graphics that make it easier for the players to interact with the game.

Don’t Have in-Game Purchases

Among Us does not have any in-game purchases. So all the benefits of the game are yours for free, as well as the features that it offers. There is absolutely no need for you to wait for any sort of upgrades or updates. All the necessary features are available to you with the trial version.

Among Us is available at no cost and you can try it out for yourself, with the trial version. All you need to do is to log onto your computer and connect it to the internet.

The demo version of Among Us can be downloaded from the official website of the game. It can be played for a limited period of time, which you may have to play for free. You can also enjoy the game on your mobile phones or with an application like Yahoo Messenger or Facebook. The game is highly recommended by many people, as it is simple to play and doesn’t take much time.