Escape Game Nier Automata

NieR: Automata Release in 2021?

  • January 7, 2021

NieR: Automata It cannot be denied that the presence of masterpiece games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War in 2018, made this year one of the best years for the video game industry. However, do you realize that there is one developer from Japan who didn’t show much fangs that year? You probably got to know them through games like NieR: Automata, Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising. Yes, they are Platinum Games.

It cannot be denied that the presence of masterpiece games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War in 2018, made this year one of the best years for the video game industry. However, do you realize that there is one developer from Japan who didn’t show much fangs that year? You probably got to know them through games like NieR: Automata, Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising. Yes, they are Platinum Games. It is not clear whether these new things are new games or IP or just further information about the games they have made. Considering that several months ago Platinum Games with Square Enix announced Babylon’s Fall as their newest game, then there was also Bayonetta 3, and at the end of 2018 yesterday they also announced Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

One thing fans hope for might be the return of the Scalebound project that Microsoft has canceled, and the continuation of NieR: Automata or Drakengard. Indeed Drakengard was not made by Platinum Games, but with Yoko Taro as the producer of these games who seems still interested in working with them, it seems possible that this will be realized. Regardless of what is announced later, it seems that 2021 will be a good year for Platinum Games if they can again show their fangs in presenting their flagship hack and slash rpg action games for fans.

Remembering Game

Remembering Game Neighbors From Hell

  • January 5, 2021

Remembering Game Neighbors From Hell, which was released in 2003 is a game made by JoWood Productions. The various silliness in this game makes anyone who plays it will feel very happy, because they can tease their neighbors with their unique actions.

The strategy that you have to arrange in this game must be perfect, otherwise you will get caught by the owner of the house and make the mission a complete failure.

Even though it looks frustrating to be the owner of the house, this game became a favorite game for young people in the 2000s and is very memorable to play it on.

Here are five unique facts about Neighbors from Hell, which is perhaps the most unique game ever released.

1. Has a unique story in the game

Bringing up the topic circulating in the community of this game can make you calm about it, because this game is a game like revenge on evil neighbors.

Sneaking into the house quietly then makes him angry because of the nosiness you play in this game, the more angry your neighbor is, the more points you will get.

But it’s not that easy, you have to devise good tactics and look at the routines of your neighbors so you can disturb them smoothly.

2. Gameplay is simple but feel at home to continue playing it

On the other hand, Neighborhood From Hell is a two-dimensional game that you can only control with mouse control and move objects. Hiding and picking up objects you can do in the neighbor’s house while thinking about tactics to set traps.

This neighbor’s house is also unique. There are three floors that you can find and several seasons are available to get to the next stage.

3. Simple rules of the game

Each level you play in this game has several traps that you have to install according to their place. Determining the right tactics and timing to set them takes a long time.

You have to avoid the neighbors in the same room so you don’t fail in this game. If you are pressed in one room, you can hide under the mattress or cupboard.

The more effective the traps you set, the higher the emotional presentation and your points will increase.

4. Games with a high level of silliness

Telling the nosiness of Woody, the main character of this game, and the Old Man as his neighbor is certainly very funny. Considering that if applied to real life, everything will feel ridiculous and absurd.

But on the other hand, this game will make you think of the best strategy in formulating tactics. Carefulness in requiring items used to set traps also requires expertise.

No wonder this game is unique but simple. There is not even another game like this in terms of gameplay or graphics.

5. Games that can relieve stress

The neighbor’s behavior if angry will make you laugh out loud, his red expression until his spine cracks makes this funny. The various ignorance that is the main target of this game is no less interesting to play.

Even though disturbing neighbors in the real world is prohibited, this game seems unique so that it can calm your chaotic mind. Playing this game does require tactics but you can understand this as you play it continuously.

Even though this game was released 13 years ago, the graphics of this game are still not satisfying for those of you who like cool and sharp graphics, but this can be replaced with a storyline and a lively game even with simple graphics.

New Best PC Games At The End 2020

  • December 16, 2020

Many Best PC Games that has been released and can be played at the end year 2020. December itself is the last month in the Gregorian calendar where after December, we’ll go into the new year, which is 2021. In the conclusion of the year, there are usually several developers who launch their own flagship games.

This leaves in December generally a great deal of good games which you can play with. Notably for PC players, some of those games that we are going to discuss should be recognized as games which are much awaited.

Best PC Games
Immortals Fenyx Growing

1. Immortals Fenyx Growing
Ubisoft became among the very busy developers in the end of 2020. Putting some of the flagship games back to the end of the year left them a good deal of work.
Yes, the game is Immortals Fenyx Growing which based on this news will be released on December  3rd 2020. This game takes you on an adventure throughout the area of mythology having a distinctive visual flavor of Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This made the match awaited and most compared it to the game created by Nintendo.
This game includes an open floor program with various things you can do in collecting mounts to searching for various intriguing items.

Best PC Games
Chronos: Ahead of the Ashes

2. Chronos: Ahead of the Ashes
Scheduled to be released on December 1st 2020, Chronos: Ahead of the Ashes is one of the December PC games which you could purchase. This game is an RPG game which tells the trip of a hero to save his homeland from a significant crime.
This match, which is said to be a prequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, has a unique mechanism. In addition to labyrinth exploration that is prepared to welcome you, this game will make you age every time you die.
The older you’re, the worse the performance of the characters you’re using. Therefore, the biggest challenge of this game isn’t to die! For hardcore gamers, of course this game may be an option.

Cyberpunk Lover
Cyberpunk 2077

3. Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 is the very first game that you must wait for in 2020. The game, which was postponed for at least three times, will be released on December 10th 2020. CD Projekt Red guarantees a good deal in their latest game. Aside from supplying immersive visual assistance, Cyberpunk 2077 is also said to have a lot of content.
Various interesting content coupled with the background story which they think is epic will provide the impression of the next level in this game. Not to mention that according to the news, in this sport you will be greeted by long gameplay instances which range from tens to hundreds of hours depending on how you play it.
Made by a programmer who won many awards when generating The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, many had high expectations for this game.

MXGP 2020

4. MXGP 2020
MXGP is an official match from the motocross game. For people who like extreme sports, this game can be an option. Supported by excellent visuals, MXGP 2020 will spoil motocross lovers.
Here there’s a great deal of content which you can play from single player to multiplayer. It’s said for the multiplayer content , this game offers zero latency with a massive bandwidth so that lag can be minimized.
Besides the most interesting thing, obviously, is the in depth customization which you can use, from motorbikes to riders, which you may customize. There are 110 official brands that you can use for this customization.

Medal Of Honor Sequel
Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

5. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is a December 2020 game that you must await. The game, which is scheduled for release on December 11th 2020, will take you on an action-packed adventure using an immersive adventure in the World War II era from a VR view.
In this game, you will get an agent of the Office of Strategic Service (OSS) in Europe when the area is hit by war. It’s said that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond guarantees one player campaign full of accurate details of all of these historic events.
Not only does this offer an immersive single player experience, this game also offers amazing multiplayer material. It’s possible to fight alone or in teams.

DotA 2 Beginner

Beginner at DotA 2 ? Here Some Tips For You

  • December 15, 2020

Dota 2 is a game with the MOBA game genre that is free to play, Dota 2 can be played exclusively through the official valve distributor, Steam. Although Dota 2 is not a new game in the world of e-sports, Dota 2 is the game most enjoyed by players from around the world, Dota 2 has 5 lanes and 5 different roles in Dota 2, the hero is divided into three elements, namely Strength , Agility, and Intelligence.

In Dota 2, every hero has 4 skills or more hero skills in Dota 2, there are active and passive skills, for example, like the Wraith King, this hero Strength only has 1 active skill and 3 passive skills, there is also Anti Mage, this agility hero has 3 active skills and 1 passive skill for Intelligence heroes, there is a Windranger hero who has 4 active skills.

Items in Dota 2 are active and passive, such as Clarity items that will add Mana to this hero, including active items and for passive items, Bracer, Null Talisman, Wraith Band, Ring Basilius, and Vladimir’s Offering. , every hero in Dota 2 has 6 item slots and 1 slot for neutral item slots and in Dota 2 there is a rune which consists of double damage, haste, bounty, invisible and arcane for the first rune usually in the 4th minute and will appears again in 2 minutes and there is also a Rune Bounty that will appear at the start of the game and every 5 minutes.

For those who want to try playing Dota 2, here are some tips before playing this game :

  • Choose a hero that you think is easy to use, usually for beginners, use Range heroes like Sniper, Zeus or Viper.
  • Last Hit, yes, in Dota 2, there is the term Last Hit, for those who have just played Dota 2, understand what Last Hit is in Dota 2 Gold, which can only be obtained through the last hit mechanism.
  • That means you are the ones who have to kill the enemy at the last moment. If you don’t get the last hit, you won’t be able to get Gold, making your hero poor, that’s not all, in Dota 2 there’s also a Deny Creep, by ditching this creep, our hero will get exp and enemy heroes won’t get exp.
  • Don’t try to master all Dota 2 heroes, understand 1 or 3 heroes first.
  • Get used to buying a Town Portal Scroll. This is a very important item in Dota 2 because if it passes 20 minutes or more. ), or avoid the enemy Hero’s pursuit.
  • With the help of the Town Portal Scroll, you can also reach other lanes more quickly, especially for making surprise attacks on enemy heroes. The price is also relatively cheap and you can buy it easily, especially if we have mastered the tips for eliminating Creep.
  • Understand the hero roles you will use later because in Dota 2 there are 5 roles such as carry, midlaner, offlaner, roamer / semi-support, and finally hard support.

Those are some tips for those who want to play Dota 2. Which of you are just starting out playing Dota 2, here?

Good Similar Games Among Us

5 Similar Games Among Us Full of Tricks

  • December 11, 2020

Among Us is currently one of the games whose popularity is rising amid a pandemic. This game is in great demand because it can be played for free with friends and requires deductive skills to find impostors among crewmates.

But Among Us isn’t the only social deduction game you can enjoy with friends or even strangers. If you are looking for a game that requires cooperation and manipulation skills, you can play the following games.

1. Town of Salem (PC, Mac, Android and iOS)

Town of Salem is one of the most popular social deduction games before Among Us. This game is available on many major platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

In one gameplay, seven to 15 players will be put together and each will hold one of the 48 roles. Each role has its own abilities and goals.

These 48 roles are divided into three categories, namely Town, Mafia and Neutral. The goal for Town players is to catch all the criminals, and the Mafia wants to kill everyone.

Neutral roles have various purposes, some only need to survive in the game, some want certain players to die. Whatever role you take, you must use your deductive skills and tricks not only to find criminals, but also to convince others to believe in you.

2. Push the Button (All platforms)

At first glance, Push the Button looks similar to Among Us. The game, which is included in the Jackbox Party Pack 6 bundle, supports 4-10 players who are divided into aliens and humans. The background is the same in the spaceship.

The human team must identify the aliens and get them out of the spaceship. Meanwhile, the alien team must sabotage the plan and make humans accuse each other.

Push the Button can be played by downloading the Jackbox Party Pack 6 bundle which is available on all major platforms, from PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Android and iOS.

3. Project Winter (PC)

Project Winter brings together the game Among Us against a backdrop of snowy mountains. You and seven other players are stranded in a cabin and must save yourself by calling a helicopter.

But two of you are actually traitors whose job it is to kill the rest of the crew. If you are an innocent person, you must work together to complete the mission and get out of this location.

You can’t have a meeting and vote to kill someone who’s suspected, but you can choose someone to be expelled from the main house who will harm them.

You also don’t just have to avoid traitors because behind the heavy snow there are many wild animals that can prey on you. Moreover, communication in this game is limited, so you can only hear people who are near you.

4. Werewolf Online (Android and iOS)

Werewolf Online brings together up to 16 players in a village. Players are divided into two roles, namely as Villagers and Werewolves. Each Villagers also have their respective roles, and before nightfall they must save themselves from the Werewolves attack.

Just like Among Us, this game requires you to not immediately trust other players. Players can interact with each other and have discussions during the day, but at night the Werewolves will attack. This games is the most similar to Among Us.

5. Trouble in Terrorist Town (PC, Mac, Linux)

Trouble in Terrorist Town is one of the modes of the Garry’s Mod sandbox game. This game divides players into Innocents, Traitors, and Detectives teams.

Traitors must kill all Innocents players, while Innocents must cooperate with Detectives to identify all Traitors.

The Traitors and Detectives team can buy weapons and other equipment through an exclusive menu that Innocents cannot access. Because it has tons of weapons and equipment, Trouble in Terrorist Town has a lot more action than Among Us.

Free Fire and PUBG

Free Fire and PUBG Still On Top

  • December 9, 2020

Despite being covered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global mobile game industry’s revenue has grown 26% year on year. The most popular mobile game application is Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, with the highest revenue.

Based on the Sensor Tower report, global player spending in playing mobile games in the first nine months of 2020 reached USD 58.7 billion or the equivalent of IDR 835.6 trillion. The increase in income was due to a pandemic, which made people play games a lot.

When compared to a similar period during Q1 to Q3 2019, mobile game spending grew 17.5% from year to year to around USD 46.7 billion.

Judging from the application store. The expenditure for gamers was 25.3% year on year during this quarter to around USD 35.2 billion. Meanwhile, the Play Store is also the same, namely up 26.3% from year to year to USD 23.5 billion.

Meanwhile, from the side of the largest contributor. The United States (US) was in the first place, earning USD 16.5 billion. Then followed by Japan with an expenditure of USD 13 billion, China with USD 10.6 billion.

From the growth of the mobile game industry. PUBG Mobile is declared the most popular game. Because it is able to collect more than USD 2 billion. For the record, this income does not include the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, Game For Peace.

After that there are Honor of Kings, Pokemon Go, Coin Master, Monster Strike, Roblox, Gardenspaces, Candy Crush Saga, Fate / Grand Order, and Rise of Kingdoms.

Talking about the most mobile game applications. PUBG Mobile is still inferior to Garena Free Fire which is at number one with more than 220 million installs.

Sensor Tower sees that the growth of the mobile game industry itself. It’s expected to continue in the fourth quarter of this year. As the pandemic is still not over, in which people spend time and entertainment playing games.

Football Manager

Football Manager 2020 : Easy Ways to Unhide the German National Team

  • December 7, 2020

Football Manager just got the latest version on November 24, 2020. This inevitably attracts the attention of many gamers to try it. Even the Beta version of Football Manager 2021 has received a lot of positive feedback from football game fans. On this occasion, Kabar Games will discuss one of the tips and how to unhide the 2020 German Football Manager National Team.

As we know, Football Manager (FM) is a game where players will be taken into a role as manager in a national football club. Players are free to choose a team, set strategies, and have full control over the club.

How to Create the FM 2020 German National Team


Maybe you will be surprised why Kabar Games talks about the German national team. Given that this national team since Football Manager 2019 was removed for several reasons. However, in Football Manager (FM) 2021, the German national team has re-emerged. Apart from Germany, players can also choose other national teams from 52 countries from 5 confederations, namely North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

In Football Manager (FM) 2021, Germany still has the same top player list as before, but unfortunately the team players are still filled with fake players. This actually happened to the Japanese national team. The way to bring up the German National Football Manager (FM) 2021 team is through the following steps.

  1. Close the Football Manager game first, if you are opening it.
  2. Open a browser on the computer and download the Football Manager 2021 Real Name License Fix package which is on the following FM Scout site.
  3. If your download is complete, extract the contents of the package that you downloaded.
  4. Locate the 2111 folder at the following file location.

    \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Football Manager 2021 \ data \ database \ db \ 2111 \EPIC GAMES
    \ Program Files \ Epic Games \ FootballManager2021 \ data \ database \ db \ 2111 \


    / Users / [username] / Library / Application Support / Steam / steamapps / common / Football Manager 2021 / database / data / db / 2111 /

    / Users / Shared / Epic Games / FootballManager2021 / database / data / db / 2111 /

  5. Open the Inc folder, then enter the All sub-folder.
  6. Delete the 3 files in the All sub-folder, with the following file names.
  7. Move the file that you extracted from the Football Manager 2021 Real Name License Fix package with the following file names.
    FM21 Fix by FMScout.lnc
    FM21 Club Names by FMScout.lnc
    into the All folder.
  8. Then find and open the edt folder, and enter the permanent sub-folder.
  9. Delete the fake.edt file.
    This move will correct names like Niko Kovač to Max Freund, Oliver Kahn to Jens, etc.
  10. Then find the dbc folder and open it. Enter the permanent sub-folder.
  11. Delete 6 files with the following file names.
    zebra award.dbc
    zebra turin fake staff.dbc
    Deleting the two files above aims to make the Zebre national team change its name to the Juventus national team, and prevent the names of its staff from changing to fake staff names.
    forbidden names.dbc
    Deleting the four files above is intended so that the name of the Brazilian national team is not displayed in only 3 letters, as well as several other things.
  12. Done. Please reopen Football Manager 2021 and enjoy the game!

Other changes to Football Manager 2021


Apart from the problem of the names of the German national team players who still use fake names and the change of Juventus’ name to Zebre. There are several other problems with Football Manager 2021, including the following.

Player Name Does Not Appear in the German National Team

On the list of top players belonging to Germany is still the same as before, but if you look at the player list menu, you will find foreign names that fill the German national team. This is thought to have happened to the Japanese national team.

The name of the Brazilian national team is only 3 letters

Another problem that arises in this soccer game is the name of the Brazilian National Team which is displayed in only 3 letters. This also happened to several other national teams as well. Apart from the problems that exist with FM 2021, various positive feedbacks have been given by fans to the Beta version. It was recorded that 92% of the 1300 Steam users who played the pre-release version responded “Very Positive”.

Apart from the problems that Kabar Games has discussed, there are not many other problems with FM21. Compared to the previous version, even FM21 can be said to have improved in terms of graphic quality. This game also adds interesting features that were not there before. Guaranteed you will be satisfied playing Football Manager 2021.

So, those are some steps and how to bring up the German National Team Football Manager 2020. The steps above will not only solve the problem of not appearing real player names in the German national team. But it also helps you in changing the name of the Zebre national team to the Juventus national team, correcting the names of fake staff and players, etc. Easy right?


5 Hero Counter Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

  • December 1, 2020

Mobile Legends Esmeralda

The Mage Hero who is known to have a thick enough HP is indeed very strong for dueling his enemies 1 vs 1.

In addition, Esmeralda also has passive skills that can provide Physical Damage and Magic Damage to enemies. So it’s no wonder, this hero is very difficult to beat.

But don’t worry, because here we have a recommendation for the toughest hero counters who can beat Her.

Curious? Check and check the list below.

1. Karrie – Marksman


Hero Marksman who is able to break through the defense of a Fighter hero even though this is a Tank will make Esmeralda overwhelmed if she fights him.

The reason is, his Karrie Light Wheel Mark skill can provide true damage during the fifth basic attack.

In addition, with her ultimate skill which is able to reduce Esmeralda’s blood faster because the resulting attack damage is very large.

2. Lancelot – Assassin


The strongest and best Assassin Hero in Mobile Legends is able to kill Esmeralda very easily and quickly thanks to his combo attack skills.

Interestingly, Lancelot also has a passive Soul Cutter skill which can reduce enemy armor and provide enormous extra damage to enemies.

3. Aldous – Fighter


This hero who was very overpowered in the late game was also very deadly during the early game.

Because, this hero has a deadly combo skill and is able to produce enormous attack damage.

In addition, this hero also has a passive skill that can produce a shield for 3 seconds, you know.

4. Lunox – Mage


This Mage Hero who has Starlight Pulse and Chaos Assasul skills will make Esmeralda in the early game be defeated in an instant.

In fact, Lunox also has two ultimate skills with different abilities and damage. Interesting right?

5. Barats – Fighter

Barats Esmeralda Counter

The last hero who can counter Esmeralda is Barats.

Barats is a Fighter hero who has a very deadly passive skill for Esmeralda.

Where Barats also has the ultimate skill that can provide a stun effect for a few seconds and provide a large enough Physical Damage for Esmeralda.

So, that was the list of the 5 heaviest hero counters for Esmeralda in Mobile Legends 2020. How, are you interested in conquering Esmeralda with the row of heroes above, right?

Good Similar Games Among Us

A Good Game For Co-Op

  • November 27, 2020

Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction online game developed by American online game developer Intersloth and published on June 15th, 2018. It is an interactive game set in a virtual space-themed environment, where players each play out one of the two main characters. Each taking on a certain number of roles. The Crewmembers, have to solve mysteries by investigating clues placed around the environment. The Impostors, who are attempting to steal a mystery object for themselves.

Narrative Story

Among Us

Among Us follows the narrative of the story from the start of the game. Until it ends with the destruction of all life on Earth by a meteor storm. All the information regarding the events can be discovered in the journal of the Crewmembers. Which is found at their respective stations. The player will be given instructions at the beginning of the game, and the game starts in that state. It is up to the player to uncover the truth about the events that have been happening on Earth, as the consequences may be devastating.

The gameplay of Among Us revolves around solving puzzles related to the environment that is available in various stages. These include items, clues, and objects, that when combined in certain ways will help you to solve some of the mysteries that are in your path.

The interface of Among Us includes a list of all the items that are required in the game. All the player has to do is to locate these items, or to find out their location, and use them to access new areas.

Different Level

There are also several levels in Among Us, ranging from easy to difficult. Each level requires the player to perform tasks in various stages, and the more difficult ones require a specific amount of investigation on the part of the player before they can advance.

The biggest advantage of the game, however, is the fact that its narrative is very simple and straight forward, as compared to many other multiplayer games, where players need to put their efforts to uncover the answers. In this regard, Among Us makes an interesting contrast with other online games, where the players often have to spend their time trying to figure out the true ending of the games.


Among Us also allows for free roam. Meaning that it lets its players explore the whole world and explore how the different areas are connected. Without having to use any of the maps or guides. It also provides plenty of interesting and varied locations to visit and explore. As the game gives players to choose between a large number of possible routes.

In summary, Among Us, though not as much different from the other online games like Mafia Wars. It is nevertheless a great online game that gives its players a lot to keep track of, while playing. Its narrative is straightforward and easy to understand, but provides plenty of entertainment.

Among Us is available at no cost and for those who want to try out a new game without any obligations. There is no better option than to try it out. It has a very easy to understand interface, with clear instructions and graphics that make it easier for the players to interact with the game.

Don’t Have in-Game Purchases

Among Us does not have any in-game purchases. So all the benefits of the game are yours for free, as well as the features that it offers. There is absolutely no need for you to wait for any sort of upgrades or updates. All the necessary features are available to you with the trial version.

Among Us is available at no cost and you can try it out for yourself, with the trial version. All you need to do is to log onto your computer and connect it to the internet.

The demo version of Among Us can be downloaded from the official website of the game. It can be played for a limited period of time, which you may have to play for free. You can also enjoy the game on your mobile phones or with an application like Yahoo Messenger or Facebook. The game is highly recommended by many people, as it is simple to play and doesn’t take much time.

Apex Legends Winter Event Returns The Train To Worlds Edge

  • November 26, 2020

Since the launch of season 6 of Apex Legends, we have learned that Respawn Entertainment has removed the train in the World’s Edge map. This change is solely for the sake of demonstrating their map will change along with the storyline that’s the axis of this battle royale hero shooter game. Needless to say, in addition to creating the playing experience of the players fresh and different.

The decision to take out the train made many fans disappointed because they could no longer get high-level loot at the beginning of the game. The great news? It seems that those of you who miss the train will have the ability to enjoy it during the winter occasion.

The event, which was held on December 1, 2020 to January 4, 2021, introduced a number of limited changes, like a month-long reduction, winter thematic makeup, new fashion returns, and new track rewards.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends Battle Royale

Interestingly, the event will also bring back trains in the World’s Edge map since these vehicles are the main thing on Holo-Day. To put it differently, fans can get high-level loot again when the event begins.

The new mode that will be present at the event is called Winter Express. Players will play with three squads to take the train at World’s Edge. This year, those whose squad members are removed will respawn to a new supply drop.

Apex Legends Requirements

For playing this game your pc need to meet the minimum requirements which is 64-bit Windows 7, Processor i3-6300 3.8HGz or AMD FX-4350 4.2GHz, Graphic card NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 or Radeon HD 7330 with 1 GB Graphic card Ram, Hard disk space 22GB of free space and 6 GB Ram.

For better performance and smooth movement the recommended specification are 64-bit Windows 7 or 10, Processor i5-3570K or AMD FX-6300 or higher, Graphic card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or higher with Graphic card 8GB Ram or higher, Hard disk space 22GB of free space and 8GB Ram.