Ganyu Genshin Impact

Ganyu Genshin Impact new waifu

  • January 11, 2021

Ganyu Genshin Impact new waifu – Developer Genshin Impact has just released a teaser to introduce his newest character, Ganyu. The 1-minute teaser shows how extensive he is about the city of Liyue. Ganyu is an ambassador for an elite group called Liyue Qixing, which consists of Ningguang and Keqing. For players who have completed Liyue’s main storyline, they are certainly no stranger to this blue-haired woman because Ganyu first appeared in Chapter 1, Act 2: Farewell, the Archaic Lord.

Ganyu also has a pair of red horns on his head. This is because Ganyu is not a human being but a mixture of humans and Adeptus. The release of the teaser for Ganyu itself is not surprising given a lot of information in cyberspace saying that this character will be present in update 1.2. You can see the teaser titled “Ganyu: A Night in Liyue Harbor”

Ganyu will be a five-star Cryo elemental archer character. One of his skills called Trail of the Qilin has similarities to Amber’s Explosive Puppet skill. Both of them are both useful for luring enemies before finally giving an elemental AoE (Area of ​​Effect) attack. Meanwhile , Ganyu’s Elemental Burst skill is an AoE skill called Celestial Shower. When using this skill, a hail will appear which inflicts elemental damage to enemies in the area. Ganyu’s ultimate skill has a large area. Not to mention the rumored duration of 15 seconds. Long enough for an ultimate duration that has a large area. If so, Ganyu will be very overpowered.

That’s the reason why you have to gacha Ganyu Genshin Impact. Because The Character designs and skills are the main considerations for this character to attract a lot of players’ attention.Like other Genshin Impact characters, Ganyu will have 2 voice actors, Japanese and English. Jennifer Losi plays the English voice actor, while UEDA Reina plays the Japanese voice actor.

This character is planned to appear on January 12, 2021 after Albedo’s Secretum Secretorum banner runs out. So, are you interested in adding Ganyu characters to your collection? Write your opinion in the comments below. If you want updates about games, keep watching Skyegrid Media.

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