Dota 2 Hoodwink

Hoodwink Dota 2 New Hero

  • February 15, 2021

Hoodwink Dota 2 New Hero. Sure enough, the Mistwood update includes a new Dota 2 hero name Hoodwink. “On the gameplay side, our original plan to launch a new hero was on November 30th, but he needs more time to relax during the winter. We will release it together with the 7.28 gameplay update, in mid-December,” wrote Valve on the game’s official blog on Last November.

Evidently, the new hero Dota 2 was immediately added to Patch Note 7.28. This new hero in the form of a squirrel with a cute face turns out to have quite a troublesome effect. Judging from the video trailer, Hoodwink appears to be carrying a weapon in the form of a ballista. He can shoot nets as well as arrows in his ultimate skill. He is a hero with abilities as a Nuker and Disabler. His skill can also function as a tool to escape quite effectively.

“Hoodwink lives in chaos with the threat of filling the haunted forest that he adopted as his home. Managing large arrows while still being able to penetrate the forest with great ease, Hoodwink is almost impossible to watch in battle,” wrote the description on the official website.

Dota 2 Hoodwink Ability and Skills

Quoted from The Sport Rush, the skills from Hoodwink are very useful for confining enemies while causing Critical Damage. He is also a Nuker, where slippery players can combine to lethal attacks using Ultimate, his Sharpshooter. Some of the skills possessed by Hoodwink include Acorn Shot (Q), Bushwhack (W), Scurry (E), Sharpshooter (R). Hoodwink’s first skill is Acorn Shot, where it will fire Acorn (Ek’s pohok acorn) which will bounce between enemy units.

Acorn can slow down and deal damage to enemies, and can become a tree (lasts for 20 seconds) when directed to the ground. The next skill is Bushwack, where the Hoodwink can fire a net to trap enemies when the unit is near a tree. Hoodwink has a passive effect in Scurry. This passive gives Hoodwink the opportunity to avoid Physical Attack when it is near trees.

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When activated, the hero can get a Movement Speed ​​bonus and can walk on the tree. The ultimate skill that is quite deadly is called Sharpshooter. When activating the skill, the hero needs charges first to shoot an arrow. Hoodwink will automatically fire after Channeling for 5 seconds, but the Damage will increase if the arrow can be held for more than 3 seconds.

After releasing the arrow, the Hoodwink will be knocked back by 350 units. To see details of the Mistwood update as well as animation effects and details of a new hero skill called Hoodwink, you can visit the official Dota 2 website.

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