Most Confusing Gamers Terms for Ordinary People

  • February 1, 2021

Most Confusing Gamers Terms for Ordinary People. Regardless of the gaming variety of favorite genres and franchises, there are so many new words, phrases or abbreviations that have emerged to accommodate the communication needs of gamers as a whole.

A variety of new terms have appeared that may seem foreign, but have been able to achieve their main function for gaming needs. Gamers construct a lot of the term “cool” which is certain, it will feel so absurd and strange to the ears of the layman or non-gamer. Something that even has the potential to have a much different meaning from what these gamers are trying to convey, especially when it accidentally slides out in everyday conversations.

So, of all the gaming terms that are scattered about, which ones are potentially the most confusing for ordinary people or non-gamers? Here is the list.


It’s not an easy matter to explain what Grinding is to ordinary people, or even gamers who don’t really like RPG as a genre. Why? Because there are so many indicators and factors involved in it. Grinding itself is an action for gamers not to continue the story or the main quest, and to be more involved in insignificant side action with one goal – strengthening the character, especially in terms of status and level. Explaining a concept like this to ordinary people means that you have to explain the importance of levels, skills, jobs, and the main motives that define RPG as a genre. If the target audience had more than an hour to hear the lecture and your RPG-hunting spirit, Grinding probably wouldn’t sound like such a confusing concept.

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“Uh … you know what, gamers like to have fun”
“Why is that?”
“Yeah, they like parties anyway ..”

Believe it or not, a series of sentences like the one above can happen if you don’t explain completely what the “Party” concept looks like in your gaming activities. Don’t blame the layman if they end up thinking that you are organizing or engaging in a hedonistic act with loud music, neat clothes, smells of perfume and cigarettes, and the wobble that keeps blowing through the morning. Or you get involved in balloon action, singing, and obscure humor with your friends. “Party” is a word that is very ambiguous in the brains of non-gamers if it slides without explanation. In fact, what you mean is just playing together with in-game friends in a group, going on an adventure together.

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