Ganyu Genshin Impact, Ganyu DPS or Support ?

Ganyu DPS or Support ?

  • January 13, 2021

Ganyu DPS or Support ? – Ganyu will become a new character following Albedo in the 1.2 Genshin Impact update series. The character we have met in Tevyat is a very agile arrow user. Ganyu will also be an additional Cryo character in Genshin Impact which is a pity to miss. So, we wants to give a review of Ganyu’s abilities and whether he deserves to enter high tier or unfortunately he doesn’t shine. Each consideration will be given a rating and let’s see if Ganyu is a five-star character that you must collect or not. Listen carefully to the following reviews.

  • Excellence as a DPS
    Like Diluc, Ganyu has a very high average ATK. At level 90, Ganyu gets a base ATK of 335, which is very high for arrow users. Unfortunately, his Elemental Skill and Burst abilities couldn’t support him to become pure DPS. The reason is, the cooldown ability is quite high and makes it difficult to spam. On the other hand, the hits from Ganyu have a small percentage of attack compared to Fischl or Tartaglia. This makes it less shining if used as the main DPS. At level 14, Ganyu can only collect 160% ATK from each hit, compared to Fischl and Tartaglia which can reach 180%.
  • Excellence as a support
    Even though he can’t become a DPS, Ganyu will be a very high addition to the Sub-DPS for your team. His Celestial Shower has a very high average damage, even his attack range in area types is very deadly. This can make him really shine in the Spiral Abyss. On the other hand, Ganyu’s Elemental Skill, Trail of the Qilin could make him attract the enemy’s attention. In this way, Ganyu will be a very useful support to distract the enemy.

Ganyu’s passive talent is only useful for giving additional Ore if the player makes arrows. This does not make it special and feels obligatory to collect. It’s different from Talent abilities like Xingqiu or Sucrose which are very useful in Crafting. Ganyu DPS or Support ?

On the other hand, Ganyu’s elemental abilities could be very useful for farming around Tevyat. He can eradicate many weak enemies with his Elemental Skills and Burst.

Cryo elements are very useful and can synergize easily. In fact, Cryo can provide DMG effect from Melt, reduce RES from Superconduct or give Freeze effect and therefore this element is very useful. Seeing how Ganyu’s Skill works makes it very easy to synergize with team members.

If you don’t have arrow users, then Ganyu can be a very useful character. Whether it’s to solve a puzzle or immediately finish off the enemy with his Cryo element synergy. So what will you build, Ganyu DPS or Support ?

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Specs to Play the Game

  • January 12, 2021

Genshin Impact Specs – Game developer from China, Mihoyo, has just released the latest role-playing game (RPG) entitled Genshin Impact. This open world RPG game spiced with a hack and slash battle system is available on various platforms from PC, PS4, Android, to iOS and supports the crossplay feature. Genshin Impact itself carries a character design and environment like anime and is equipped with a quality visual appearance that spoils the eye. This game also requires a device with sufficiently qualified specifications so that it can be played smoothly.

For PCs, for example, players need a computer / laptop with the lowest specifications including an Intel Core i5 processor (CPU) or equivalent, 8GB RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 graphics processor (GPU) and above. As for the Android version, players need a smartphone with a Snapdragon 845 / Kirin 810 chip or higher, 4GB RAM, up to 8GB of media space, and the Android 8.1 operating system or above. However, users can play the game on phones with Android 7.0 and above and 3GB RAM, as long as the device is based on ARM v8a 64-bit.

The iOS version of Gensin Impact only supports iPhone 8 Plus and above, iPad Air (Gen. 3) and above, iPad mini (Gen. 5), and iPad Pro (Gen. 2), with iOS 9.0 and above. The PS4 version of Gensin Impact supports all PS4 models (regular, Slim, Pro), as long as there is 30 GB of storage space left.

  • PC Minimum specifications:- Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit / Windows 8.1 64-bit / Windows 10 64-bit – Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent – Memory: 8 GB RAM – GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 on above – DirectX version: 11 – Required storage space: 30 GB Recommended specifications: – Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit / Windows 8.1 64-bit / Windows 10 64-bit – Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent – Memory: 16 GB RAM – GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB and above – DirectX version: 11 – Required storage space: 30 GB
  • Android Supported devices: – Compatibility requirements: ARM v8a 64-bit device – Memory: 3GB RAM or more – Supported operating system: Recommended Android 7.0 and above – Required storage space: 8GB Recommended devices: – CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Kirin 810 or higher – Memory: 4GB RAM or more – Recommended operating system: Android 8.1 and above Android version of Genshin Impact can be downloaded via the following link via an Android smartphone whose specifications are met.
  • iOS Recommended devices: – iPhone: iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (Gen. 2) – iPad: iPad Air (Gen. 3), iPad mini (Gen. 5), iPad Pro (Gen. 2) 12.9 “, iPad Pro (Gen. 2) 10.5”, iPad Pro (Gen. 3) 11 “, iPad Pro (Gen. 3) 12.9 “, iPad Pro (Gen. 4) 11”, iPad Pro (Gen. 4) 12.9 “- Supported operating system: iOS 9.0 and above – Storage space required: 8 GB version of Genshin Impact iOS can be downloaded via the following link via a supported iPhone or iPad.
  • PS4 PS4 Support: – PS4 (regular), PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro – Required storage space: 30 GB Genshin Impact PS4 version can be downloaded via the following link. Users can also directly visit the PlayStation Store directly on their PS4 device.

-Genshin Impact Specs

Ganyu Genshin Impact

Ganyu Genshin Impact new waifu

  • January 11, 2021

Ganyu Genshin Impact new waifu – Developer Genshin Impact has just released a teaser to introduce his newest character, Ganyu. The 1-minute teaser shows how extensive he is about the city of Liyue. Ganyu is an ambassador for an elite group called Liyue Qixing, which consists of Ningguang and Keqing. For players who have completed Liyue’s main storyline, they are certainly no stranger to this blue-haired woman because Ganyu first appeared in Chapter 1, Act 2: Farewell, the Archaic Lord.

Ganyu also has a pair of red horns on his head. This is because Ganyu is not a human being but a mixture of humans and Adeptus. The release of the teaser for Ganyu itself is not surprising given a lot of information in cyberspace saying that this character will be present in update 1.2. You can see the teaser titled “Ganyu: A Night in Liyue Harbor”

Ganyu will be a five-star Cryo elemental archer character. One of his skills called Trail of the Qilin has similarities to Amber’s Explosive Puppet skill. Both of them are both useful for luring enemies before finally giving an elemental AoE (Area of ​​Effect) attack. Meanwhile , Ganyu’s Elemental Burst skill is an AoE skill called Celestial Shower. When using this skill, a hail will appear which inflicts elemental damage to enemies in the area. Ganyu’s ultimate skill has a large area. Not to mention the rumored duration of 15 seconds. Long enough for an ultimate duration that has a large area. If so, Ganyu will be very overpowered.

That’s the reason why you have to gacha Ganyu Genshin Impact. Because The Character designs and skills are the main considerations for this character to attract a lot of players’ attention.Like other Genshin Impact characters, Ganyu will have 2 voice actors, Japanese and English. Jennifer Losi plays the English voice actor, while UEDA Reina plays the Japanese voice actor.

This character is planned to appear on January 12, 2021 after Albedo’s Secretum Secretorum banner runs out. So, are you interested in adding Ganyu characters to your collection? Write your opinion in the comments below. If you want updates about games, keep watching Skyegrid Media.

Escape Game Nier Automata

NieR: Automata Release in 2021?

  • January 7, 2021

NieR: Automata It cannot be denied that the presence of masterpiece games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War in 2018, made this year one of the best years for the video game industry. However, do you realize that there is one developer from Japan who didn’t show much fangs that year? You probably got to know them through games like NieR: Automata, Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising. Yes, they are Platinum Games.

It cannot be denied that the presence of masterpiece games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War in 2018, made this year one of the best years for the video game industry. However, do you realize that there is one developer from Japan who didn’t show much fangs that year? You probably got to know them through games like NieR: Automata, Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising. Yes, they are Platinum Games. It is not clear whether these new things are new games or IP or just further information about the games they have made. Considering that several months ago Platinum Games with Square Enix announced Babylon’s Fall as their newest game, then there was also Bayonetta 3, and at the end of 2018 yesterday they also announced Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

One thing fans hope for might be the return of the Scalebound project that Microsoft has canceled, and the continuation of NieR: Automata or Drakengard. Indeed Drakengard was not made by Platinum Games, but with Yoko Taro as the producer of these games who seems still interested in working with them, it seems possible that this will be realized. Regardless of what is announced later, it seems that 2021 will be a good year for Platinum Games if they can again show their fangs in presenting their flagship hack and slash rpg action games for fans.

PC games Best PC Games

Anime MMORPG Blue Protocol is Free to play

  • January 6, 2021

Anime MMORPG Blue Protocol finally have a Great news for gamers out there. Badai Namco explained that their business model will be a free-to-play game. They will provide the option to buy cosmetic items with real money as the main income. One of the Bandai Namco staff said that they also plan to provide a subscription system such as premium service. But it is adamant that players will not be able to get any benefits associated with the gameplay with real money. This means you won’t be able to get strong items by paying for them.

Like other MMORPG/Anime MMORPG games, each character will get Skill Points every time you level up. Starting from class points to bonus skill points. You can reset the skill tree with a special ticket that can only be purchased with a special currency. It is not clear whether the special currency will also be obtained by purchasing it with real money. But what is clear, they make sure you can get it just by continuing the main story or defeating the Raid Boss.

Each character will have active and passive skills. The Aegis Fighter tanker, for example, will have a shield resistance meter that will continue to decrease when it blocks enemy attacks. If the meter runs out, then you won’t be able to use your skills or your shield. The Blue Protocol has six element attributes. Each enemy will have weaknesses from certain elements. And each element will have other additional statuses such as burning, reducing HP every few seconds, and so on.

The Blue Protocol has six element attributes. Each enemy will have weaknesses from certain elements. And each element will have other additional statuses such as burning, reducing HP every few seconds, and so on. Although Blue Protocol will not have clothing customizations that are directly related to its class. But they promised to provide color customization for each costume in the future. As a PC game, Blue Protocol will also have HUD customization. You can move the status level, HP, and skill slots wherever you like. You will also be able to change all the buttons at will, including storing several key mapping for each class.

Remembering Game

Remembering Game Neighbors From Hell

  • January 5, 2021

Remembering Game Neighbors From Hell, which was released in 2003 is a game made by JoWood Productions. The various silliness in this game makes anyone who plays it will feel very happy, because they can tease their neighbors with their unique actions.

The strategy that you have to arrange in this game must be perfect, otherwise you will get caught by the owner of the house and make the mission a complete failure.

Even though it looks frustrating to be the owner of the house, this game became a favorite game for young people in the 2000s and is very memorable to play it on.

Here are five unique facts about Neighbors from Hell, which is perhaps the most unique game ever released.

1. Has a unique story in the game

Bringing up the topic circulating in the community of this game can make you calm about it, because this game is a game like revenge on evil neighbors.

Sneaking into the house quietly then makes him angry because of the nosiness you play in this game, the more angry your neighbor is, the more points you will get.

But it’s not that easy, you have to devise good tactics and look at the routines of your neighbors so you can disturb them smoothly.

2. Gameplay is simple but feel at home to continue playing it

On the other hand, Neighborhood From Hell is a two-dimensional game that you can only control with mouse control and move objects. Hiding and picking up objects you can do in the neighbor’s house while thinking about tactics to set traps.

This neighbor’s house is also unique. There are three floors that you can find and several seasons are available to get to the next stage.

3. Simple rules of the game

Each level you play in this game has several traps that you have to install according to their place. Determining the right tactics and timing to set them takes a long time.

You have to avoid the neighbors in the same room so you don’t fail in this game. If you are pressed in one room, you can hide under the mattress or cupboard.

The more effective the traps you set, the higher the emotional presentation and your points will increase.

4. Games with a high level of silliness

Telling the nosiness of Woody, the main character of this game, and the Old Man as his neighbor is certainly very funny. Considering that if applied to real life, everything will feel ridiculous and absurd.

But on the other hand, this game will make you think of the best strategy in formulating tactics. Carefulness in requiring items used to set traps also requires expertise.

No wonder this game is unique but simple. There is not even another game like this in terms of gameplay or graphics.

5. Games that can relieve stress

The neighbor’s behavior if angry will make you laugh out loud, his red expression until his spine cracks makes this funny. The various ignorance that is the main target of this game is no less interesting to play.

Even though disturbing neighbors in the real world is prohibited, this game seems unique so that it can calm your chaotic mind. Playing this game does require tactics but you can understand this as you play it continuously.

Even though this game was released 13 years ago, the graphics of this game are still not satisfying for those of you who like cool and sharp graphics, but this can be replaced with a storyline and a lively game even with simple graphics.

Escape Game Nier Automata

Escape Game on Android

  • January 4, 2021

Who likes playing puzzle games? Did you know that there is an interesting puzzle game sub-genre to hone our analytical skills like escape game?

It is an escape game. As the name suggests, players will be placed in a room and asked to leave it. It is more or less the same as playing escape room which we often encounter in malls.

Do you want to try it? Check out the following free escape game recommendations for Android.

1. Spotlight: Room Escape

Want to play a game that has both drama and adventure? Try downloading Spotlight: Room Escape! Here, you will play the role of a child who is kidnapped and locked up in a strange room.

You have absolutely no idea where you are and how you got there. To get out, you have to crack the secret codes in the room. But remember, you are also racing against time. The more clues you get, you will solve the mystery of who your kidnapper is and the reason behind it all.

2. 100 Doors series

This one game has several series that you can download. Starting from 100 Doors, 100 Doors 4, to 100 Doors Journey. In each game, you will be asked to solve the mystery of one room to go to the next room.

It is recorded that there are 100 rooms and floors that you must pass. The challenges also vary, some in the form of puzzles, riddles, and looking for hidden items. You won’t be able to stop if you haven’t finished!

3. Adventure Escape Game series

This series made by Haiku Games is also worth trying. Until now, there are 13 different game series depending on the settings. There are in the castle, the scene of the murder, outer space, to the forest.

Each game has a different challenge. You have to be able to solve the given riddles and puzzles in order to make it out alive. Adventure Escape Game also has great graphics, mechanics and a plot so it won’t be boring.

4. Cube Escape series

The next escape game that you should try is the Cube Escape series. There are four series that you can download from the Play Store. They are the Birthday series, The Mill, The Lake, and The Cave.

The challenges given by each game are different. You must be able to escape by using limited objects and clues. This game uses 2D graphics that are simple but still interesting to play.

5. Escape the Titanic

Do you still remember the sinking of the Titanic that was filmed? So, now you can find out what it feels like to be one of the victims of this incident by playing Escape Titanic.

Without instructions, you must be able to save yourself. There are various puzzles and riddles that must be solved. Think carefully, yes, because your destiny lies in your every action.

6. Prison Break: The Great Escape

Want to know what it’s like to be in prison? You can try Prison Break: The Great Escape. Through this game, you play the role of a prisoner who doesn’t really do anything wrong. That’s why you want to break out of that prison.

You will be faced with various challenges. Starting from the maze, bad guys, puzzles, and hidden objects that can save you. Use your analytical skills to finish this game.

7. World’s Hardest Escape Game

In this game, you have to make it out of 20 different places in just ten hours of play. Reporting from Get Android Stuff, it’s not the hardest escape game in the world.

But the riddles and puzzles are indeed quite brain-racking. A bit of a spoiler, the last level of the game is very difficult and tricky!

Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity

Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity Review

  • December 30, 2020

The Three Kingdoms-themed gacha game, Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity has opened its beta period and everyone can play it. Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity is an RPG genre game that tells the story of the battles of the best Three Kingdom heroes of their time. In this game, you not only collect and strengthen characters, but you will also be faced with strategic battles through various skill sets by combining the characteristics and strategies of each character.

This game has an interesting storyline with slick cinematic 3D, and has a turn based RPG gameplay with more than 110 characters that can be collected and used.

How much fun is this one game? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity through this one review!

Three Kingdom Themed Characters and Stories

In accordance with the name of the game, this game certainly carries the Three Kingdom theme starting from the characters to the storyline. In this game, there are several game modes where players can experience the battles they faced during the Three Kingdoms.

There are various modes that you can play

Besides being able to complete the main mission, you can also try other modes such as Daily Dungeon, Event Dungeon, Elite Dungeon, Event Conquest, Boss, to Raid Boss. Each of these modes will provide rewards that are useful for enhancing and strengthening your character.

Auto Gameplay, Can Be Played While Doing Other Activities

The auto battle feature in this game may be an advantage for some gamers, especially those who are busy. With the auto feature, you can carry out missions while doing other activities.

Friendly with Potato Phones

Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity is very light, even smooth to play on potato cellphones. You will not experience lag or freeze as long as you are using a smartphone with a Snapdragon 410 chipset or higher.

The following are the minimum specifications to play Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity smoothly.


Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S4 or later;
Chipset: Snapdragon 410 or higher
GPU: Adreno 306;
RAM: 1.5 GB;
OS: 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher.


iPhone 6s / iPad 3 or higher.

Slightly Unattractive Graphics

One of the drawbacks of this game is that the graphics are fairly ordinary for games released in 2020. Ordinary graphics don’t mean bad, because Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity has 3D graphics that are quite interesting.


In conclusion, this game is recommended for those of you who like gacha games and want to play games but have a busy life in the real world. With the auto combat feature, you can play this game on the sidelines of your busy life.

Since this game is still in the beta test phase, you may encounter some minor bugs.

Adapted Video Game

Movie Adapted Video Game Part 2

  • December 29, 2020

Many good video games have been adapted into movie and many good movie have been adapted into game. But rarely anyone can realize a good video game from a good movie. Searching for these adapted video game is like looking for a needle in a haystack, which you should try often.

We found some of these “needles”. In this article, we provide a list of great video games adapted from various films. On average, the games are an adaptation of the films you’ve watched, but there are one, two also from films that you don’t know or rarely hear about. The following is part 2 of the collection of games.

6. Blade Runner

Don’t be fooled by the name. Even though it was adapted from the 1982 film, the Blade Runner game is a sidequel which has an original story, which is different from the film. It can be said that this game is one of the games that uses a real-time 3D system where the background time in the game changes according to the time printed on the console.

7. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

This is a classic game that is very memorable. Seeing their age, which is 26 years old, maybe millennials have never played, even heard of this game.

Even though it is a point-and-click game, people admit this Indiana Jones adaptation game is the best and is recognized as the best adventure game at that time, because it combines three concepts: puzzle, action and interactive. The rating for Steam alone is still 10 to 10.

8. The Thing

For some people, they will recognize this game before the film. Like the phenomenal film, the Thing game takes the survival horror genre where you have to survive the attacks of obscure monsters and extreme environmental conditions. It is not only the high difficulty of survival that will give you a headache, but also the puzzles.

9. Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Another great Star Wars series. This is an airplane simulation game where you become a TIE Fighter pilot. Maybe in this day and age, this game looks really old school. But in that year, this game was phenomenal, considering that there are still very few games that can provide airplane simulations, which have good and smooth gameplay, and have a good storyline.

10. Alien: Isolation

If you want to really feel the situation you feel when trapped with aliens, try this game. Alien: Isolation fully applies the conditions in the Alien films where the protagonist can only run to survive the alien invasion on the plane. You will feel pressure and a high sense of stress by playing this game, while having to solve existing puzzles.

Cyberpunk 2077 PS4

Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 Review

  • December 28, 2020

On this occasion, the author has just tried playing Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 for three hours. Lots of excitement and interesting things that you can feel in the RPG game most awaited by gamers around the world.

But from what the author felt when trying Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4. There are many strange events that readers feel oblige to know before buying a game with a future background. Note that this event occurs on the platform console.


The first time I tried the Cyberpunk 2077 game on PS4 I didn’t know which Lifepath to start with. Because the author wants to feel the sensation of being a future human where technology has advanced. But society instead experiences stagnation or decline directly, Streetkid was chosen.

You could say that Lifepath Streetkid you will become local residents in Night City. In terms of the story, without any explanation or anything, you immediately become a Mercenary with a dent in a bar and then chat with a bartender who is in debt with black market criminals.

The strange thing that you will feel in the Cyberpunk 2077 game is the storyline that is easy to guess! Moreover, the storyline in this game is very fast, without taking a long time you can explore all areas in Night City.

Graphics That Can Deceive The Eye

Another unexpected thing is that when you have passed the tutorial and started your adventure around the city, there is an eye-catching neon restaurant that reads Kabayan Foods with eye-catching views of the future city.

Then the thing that becomes the question is when playing Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 Pro. Even though the game runs smoothly and there are no lags. However, the graphics displayed are still boxy on the character of the townspeople, like playing a PS3 game. Will there ever be a patch update on this by CD Projekt Red regarding these eye-tricking graphics?

You can see for yourself in the image that we have captured directly. With a graphic display of the character of a person who deceives the eye and is almost covered by the view of the surrounding environment.

If you look carefully and even more clearly, do you like seeing the characters in the GTA San Adreas game?

Even so, the main characters and supporting characters in this story still look better on Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4. For scenery and things that are seen from a far point of view it still looks good.

However everything will appear to be low resolution when you move the camera and walk. You will find the point where they will look like characters in PS3 games. It seems like the writer feels that elements such as light and character are still not perfectly synchronize. Except for when you are quiet and focus everything is good again.

Non-stop Hunting Gameplay

The gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 is very complex and exciting for you to explore. Because your character’s abilities will be determined by you and the storyline of the mission is determined by you to produce different outputs.

For this Cyberpunk 2077 character, you will start with 5 different attributes to be given points when leveling up. These 5 attributes are the main key in making your character great or not.

The gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 is very complex and exciting for you to explore. Because your character’s abilities will be determined by you and the storyline of the mission is determine by you to produce different outputs.

5 Different Atributes

For this Cyberpunk 2077 character, you will start with 5 different attributes to be give points when leveling up. These 5 attributes are the main key in making your character great or not.

  • Body – This attribute regulates your physical strength, which not only increases your health and stamina, but is also important for using strength to solve problems (such as opening doors with your bare hands, or ending a conversation with a knockout!). If you focus on increasing your Body you will be able to deal damage to melee attacks, handle well on bigger weapons, and perform feats of athleticism.
  • Reflex – This attribute regulates your speed and agility, allowing your character to dodge faster and deal critical damage more often. Investing in reflexes will improve your abilities with smaller weapons like pistols and blades, as well as better rifles and submachine guns for better attacks.
  • Technical Ability – This attribute regulates the proficiency of your character with machines, gadgets, and explosives, and not only that, you can get better at making them, and get more use of armor. By investing in these attributes, you can increase your crafting abilities to produce more for less, unlock doors and deactivate security, and increase the destructive ability of explosives.
  • Intelligence – This attribute is about making your character a master hacker, or netrunner. Those who increase intelligence will be able to increase their bandwidth and hacking capabilities, and unlock new types of hacks the first time they enter enemy networks, as well as unleash violent hacks against individual targets.
  • Cool – This attribute regulates your abilities while stealthy, allowing your character to operate better when crouching to do more damage and blend better with shadows. As well as increasing a character’s capacity to kill and poison from the shadows. investing in Cool can even unlock some very seamless dialogue responses!

Cyberware Feature

In addition to the 5 attributes, you can also strengthen these attributes to increase their specialties. Using the perc points that you get with the various actions you do in the game and level up. So that you gamers can create various kinds of specialists in Cyberpunk 2077.

The characters in Cyberpunk 2077 can also scan objects in the game that can provide supporting information in carrying out missions.

These scans are very useful for providing important information on your current area. Telling you what to check, where potential enemies are patrolling, and what items you can hack to distract or distract your opponent.

It doesn’t stop there, as Cyberpunk 2077 citizens. All humans have changed and become one with a machine known as Cyberware. This system allows you to get better Augment Cyberware.

With Cyberware you can control the operating system that is the basis for your hacker software. Cyberware is like a weapon or clothing, which also has a mod slot that you can equip. With Cyberware mods by clicking on Cyberware that you want to add new features to.

There are so many unexpected and interesting things that the author can find when playing Cyberpunk 2077 on this PS4. Hopefully after this the writer will continue to play the game and find something unique and strange.


The conclusion for this Cyberpunk 2077 game that has been long await by gamers around the world. This game is worthy of you to play before the long holidays of Christmas and New Year 2021.

Besides providing new adventures that have never been felt in other games of this kind. Another reason is that Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 also provides attractive prizes for the players. You only need to scan with your smartphone to the barcode in the game to get it.

What’s more, for the quality of Audio, Gameplay. Various elements can make you socialize realistically where the human future is stagnating or setbacks but technology continues to develop.