Free Fire and PUBG

Free Fire and PUBG Still On Top

  • December 9, 2020

Despite being covered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global mobile game industry’s revenue has grown 26% year on year. The most popular mobile game application is Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, with the highest revenue.

Based on the Sensor Tower report, global player spending in playing mobile games in the first nine months of 2020 reached USD 58.7 billion or the equivalent of IDR 835.6 trillion. The increase in income was due to a pandemic, which made people play games a lot.

When compared to a similar period during Q1 to Q3 2019, mobile game spending grew 17.5% from year to year to around USD 46.7 billion.

Judging from the application store. The expenditure for gamers was 25.3% year on year during this quarter to around USD 35.2 billion. Meanwhile, the Play Store is also the same, namely up 26.3% from year to year to USD 23.5 billion.

Meanwhile, from the side of the largest contributor. The United States (US) was in the first place, earning USD 16.5 billion. Then followed by Japan with an expenditure of USD 13 billion, China with USD 10.6 billion.

From the growth of the mobile game industry. PUBG Mobile is declared the most popular game. Because it is able to collect more than USD 2 billion. For the record, this income does not include the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, Game For Peace.

After that there are Honor of Kings, Pokemon Go, Coin Master, Monster Strike, Roblox, Gardenspaces, Candy Crush Saga, Fate / Grand Order, and Rise of Kingdoms.

Talking about the most mobile game applications. PUBG Mobile is still inferior to Garena Free Fire which is at number one with more than 220 million installs.

Sensor Tower sees that the growth of the mobile game industry itself. It’s expected to continue in the fourth quarter of this year. As the pandemic is still not over, in which people spend time and entertainment playing games.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 Price Dropped

  • December 8, 2020

Rockstar implemented a new strategy for its flagship game, namely Red Dead Redemption 2. They separated the main game from the online version, at a very low price.
Red Dead Online is marketed for only around IDR 70 thousand, while Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) is sold at the same price as before (on Steam currently the price is IDR 640 thousand).

The separation of this game will not affect users who have previously purchased RDR 2. They can still play Red Dead Online without having to buy a new game.

Meanwhile, gamers who don’t have the game yet and are only interested in playing the online version can buy Red Dead Online, which is available on various platforms. Like PC, PS4, and Xbox One, also of course on new generation consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Keep in mind, this IDR 70 thousand is the ‘introductory price’ for Red Dead Online, because starting February 15, 2021, the game’s price will increase to USD 20 or around IDR 300 thousand. For console users, they also need to subscribe to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold, because these games can only be played online.

Even though the price is much cheaper, the Red Dead Online installation file size is still very large. Reaching 123GB, just like the full version. Apparently, the single player campaign is still available in the installation but it’s locked.

Rockstar’s move makes sense, because many gamers only want to play the online version of RDR 2. And before that they applied the same strategy as GTA 5, which was separated from GTA Online.

They can also reap the benefits of this cheaper game. Namely from micro transactions, aka in app purchases in the game.

Football Manager

Football Manager 2020 : Easy Ways to Unhide the German National Team

  • December 7, 2020

Football Manager just got the latest version on November 24, 2020. This inevitably attracts the attention of many gamers to try it. Even the Beta version of Football Manager 2021 has received a lot of positive feedback from football game fans. On this occasion, Kabar Games will discuss one of the tips and how to unhide the 2020 German Football Manager National Team.

As we know, Football Manager (FM) is a game where players will be taken into a role as manager in a national football club. Players are free to choose a team, set strategies, and have full control over the club.

How to Create the FM 2020 German National Team


Maybe you will be surprised why Kabar Games talks about the German national team. Given that this national team since Football Manager 2019 was removed for several reasons. However, in Football Manager (FM) 2021, the German national team has re-emerged. Apart from Germany, players can also choose other national teams from 52 countries from 5 confederations, namely North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

In Football Manager (FM) 2021, Germany still has the same top player list as before, but unfortunately the team players are still filled with fake players. This actually happened to the Japanese national team. The way to bring up the German National Football Manager (FM) 2021 team is through the following steps.

  1. Close the Football Manager game first, if you are opening it.
  2. Open a browser on the computer and download the Football Manager 2021 Real Name License Fix package which is on the following FM Scout site.
  3. If your download is complete, extract the contents of the package that you downloaded.
  4. Locate the 2111 folder at the following file location.

    \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Football Manager 2021 \ data \ database \ db \ 2111 \EPIC GAMES
    \ Program Files \ Epic Games \ FootballManager2021 \ data \ database \ db \ 2111 \


    / Users / [username] / Library / Application Support / Steam / steamapps / common / Football Manager 2021 / database / data / db / 2111 /

    / Users / Shared / Epic Games / FootballManager2021 / database / data / db / 2111 /

  5. Open the Inc folder, then enter the All sub-folder.
  6. Delete the 3 files in the All sub-folder, with the following file names.
  7. Move the file that you extracted from the Football Manager 2021 Real Name License Fix package with the following file names.
    FM21 Fix by FMScout.lnc
    FM21 Club Names by FMScout.lnc
    into the All folder.
  8. Then find and open the edt folder, and enter the permanent sub-folder.
  9. Delete the fake.edt file.
    This move will correct names like Niko Kovač to Max Freund, Oliver Kahn to Jens, etc.
  10. Then find the dbc folder and open it. Enter the permanent sub-folder.
  11. Delete 6 files with the following file names.
    zebra award.dbc
    zebra turin fake staff.dbc
    Deleting the two files above aims to make the Zebre national team change its name to the Juventus national team, and prevent the names of its staff from changing to fake staff names.
    forbidden names.dbc
    Deleting the four files above is intended so that the name of the Brazilian national team is not displayed in only 3 letters, as well as several other things.
  12. Done. Please reopen Football Manager 2021 and enjoy the game!

Other changes to Football Manager 2021


Apart from the problem of the names of the German national team players who still use fake names and the change of Juventus’ name to Zebre. There are several other problems with Football Manager 2021, including the following.

Player Name Does Not Appear in the German National Team

On the list of top players belonging to Germany is still the same as before, but if you look at the player list menu, you will find foreign names that fill the German national team. This is thought to have happened to the Japanese national team.

The name of the Brazilian national team is only 3 letters

Another problem that arises in this soccer game is the name of the Brazilian National Team which is displayed in only 3 letters. This also happened to several other national teams as well. Apart from the problems that exist with FM 2021, various positive feedbacks have been given by fans to the Beta version. It was recorded that 92% of the 1300 Steam users who played the pre-release version responded “Very Positive”.

Apart from the problems that Kabar Games has discussed, there are not many other problems with FM21. Compared to the previous version, even FM21 can be said to have improved in terms of graphic quality. This game also adds interesting features that were not there before. Guaranteed you will be satisfied playing Football Manager 2021.

So, those are some steps and how to bring up the German National Team Football Manager 2020. The steps above will not only solve the problem of not appearing real player names in the German national team. But it also helps you in changing the name of the Zebre national team to the Juventus national team, correcting the names of fake staff and players, etc. Easy right?

The Indonesia Team

The Indonesian Team That Was Not As Strong as the Expectations in the MPLI Event

  • December 4, 2020

Indonesia sent eight participating teams to the MPL Invitational, aka all MPL ID participants. Meanwhile, other countries from the SEA region sent at most six teams, a combination of Malaysia and Singapore 3 teams and Myanmar only 2 teams. The Indonesian Team is called the strongest MPL country in Southeast Asia, the trophy in M1 and the two finalists as evidence. With the hope of dominating the tournament and creating the All-Indonesia Final, the fact is that up to the third day of the preliminary round, 5 Indonesian teams have been knocked out first.

Some do meet fellow Indopride like Bigetron against Geek Fam as well as Alter Ego and EVOS Legends. Inevitably someone has to be knocked out on the road. However, it is ironic for the Indonesian team to be matched with their twins from other countries such as ONIC PH and ONIC ID as well as Aura Fire and Aura PH. The two teams that were proud of MPL ID collapsed in their first round. Even though their quality was not much different from last season’s top MPL such as Alter Ego or RRQ Hoshi. A total of four Indopride teams returned home on the first day of the MPL Invitational

This indicates a decline in the performance of several The Indonesian Team, although some have increased dramatically. Other factors, such as roster changes, also influenced the Indonesian team’s game at this event. Even though playing in the MPL Invitational doesn’t need to be at the level of MPL. This event is not an official event for Moonton. Even though this tournament promises attractive prizes, taking advantage of the opportunity to play freely, without pressure and promoting team bonding should be the main focus.


Worse, we have only seen runners up or participants ranked below him during the three days of the MPLI. How about the appearance of the MPL champions from MY.SG? Or from Myanmar and the Philippines? Certainly far more kicking than the spectacle we saw yesterday. This threat does not only apply to non-winning Indonesian teams. RRQ Hoshi also deserves to be vigilant and may need a 100% serious mode to win this event.

It is impossible for the Indonesia vs Indonesia final to be realized in this event. At best, the two Indonesian teams can meet in the semifinals, between Geek Fam and Alter Ego or RRQ Hoshi. Assuming Geek Fam can win over Todak. What happened to the Indonesian teams at MPLI?

In addition to the chemistry problem with the new squad in several teams. There are also those who don’t seem to change their style of play and adapt or are even too excited to implement new ideas. For example, Bigetron did not play Renbo in the match against Geek Fam. Even though Renbo was an irreplaceable pillar in BTR throughout MPL Season 6. His role even increased from support to hyper carry in the playoffs.

Then ONIC is still hesitant to maximize the potential of Sanz. Since being praised excessively since the start of MPL Season 6, Sanz’s glory has slowly faded as ONIC reaps more negative results. The return of Sasa seems to have only calmed the situation that is increasingly frictionless due to Antimage’s openness in the team, but ONIC itself has not found the right role and strategy for its main team.

Large player spending is done by EVOS in order to improve the quality of performance. The MPL Invitational is certainly hoped to be a positive signal for the awakening of this M1 champion. However, what power could Alter Ego be in silencing them 2-0 straight away and not showing any signs of how dangerous the new EVOS could be.

There is no Mobile Legends tournament other than M2 which is only followed by Alter Ego and RRQ Hoshi. Both teams are definitely preparing hard to perform optimally in the world championship event. Other teams should try to double the extra effort in training, preparing surprises for their work in MPL Season 7 later.

Bigetron Red Alliens

Bigetron Red Aliens Preparation for PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020

  • December 3, 2020

Bigetron Red Aliens will certainly compete in the 2020 PUBG Mobile Global Championship, and show off their abilities against the best PUBG Mobile esports teams in the world.

At the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero (PMGC Season Zero) tournament. A number of esports teams from all over the world.

Other PUBG Mobile teams that will compete, including teams from Turkey, the United States, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and many more, are waiting for Bigetron Red Alien and Aerowolf Limax.

Apart from Bigetron Red Alien, Indonesia is also represented by another Indonesian esports team. Namely Aerowolf Limax which is in second place in the PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 competition.

Ahead of the PMGC Season Zero in November-December 2020. The team led by Made Bagus “Luxxy” Prabaswara, Muhammad “Ryzen” Albi, Nizar “Microboy” Lugatio Pratama, and Made Bagas “Zuxxy” Pramudita opened up about their preparations.

Ready to Fight Other Esports Teams

PUBG Mobile

“If there are no special preparations. We will face PMGC Season Zero like other esports tournaments.” Luxxy said in a virtual press conference, Tuesday (3/11/2020).

He added, “But since the Chinese regional teams (tier 1 and 2) entered the tournament this time. At most we will learn what their gameplay is like.”

“Yes, because we have never directly competed with them,” said Ryzen.

Bigetron Red Aliens targets

When asked about their target the four of them unanimously said. That they wanted to become champions and once again made Indonesia proud in the world arena.

“Of course we want to win, but we also want to prove the ability of the Indonesian esports team to be as good as professional players from other countries.”

Saga Frontier

Saga Frontier Remastered

  • December 2, 2020

Square enix actually is a very famous developer and writer due to its j-rpg game specialty. With amazing activities since the 80s earlier in the day than finally becoming an associate of enix, the japanese firm has launched plenty of jrpgs. No marvel that the mechanics of a few of the titles they’ve found have emerge as a standard for different developers.

A couple of game enthusiasts may additionally understand rectangular-enix from the ultimate fable on my own. But they will have numerous other interesting jrpgs inclusive of monster quest, vagrant tale, brave fencer musashi, to big name sea. Not which include a number of the standard titles such as for example trials of mana and saga frontier.

Saga Frontier Remastered Square Enix

Saga frontier re-mastered could be published for pc, ps 4, android, ios, and nintendo switch in 2021.

The success of closing fable can be the open puzzle. But they still seem to haven’t forgotten some of those standard names. Trials of mana as an instance, that became remade in 3d and a extra appealing obvious appearance. Now, they may be looking to communicate returned one in all their normal jrpgs, ” the saga frontier.

This marvel shifted in to introduced through rectangular-enix’s legit Twitter accounts. Which they can establish saga frontier re-mastered for computer system, play station four, android, ios, and nintendo change in 2021. This variant provides H-D images, also a brand new principal individual, along with various upgrades including tasks, cut-scenes, and unique enhancements.

Saga frontier remastered isn’t generally the principal saga series re-mastered from square enix. Before they introduced the collecting of saga final fantasy and romancing saga 3 for fans.
Saga frontier can really be a j rpg sport produced in 1998 on playstation 1. This series isn’t the main iteration of the entire show. As the very first brand new release is titled final myth legend or makai toushi saga. This match have a special apparatus called as”free condition of affairs device” which lets from your player to delight in the story so that it isn’t always linear.

Saga Frontier Remastered
Saga Frontier Remastered


5 Hero Counter Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

  • December 1, 2020

Mobile Legends Esmeralda

The Mage Hero who is known to have a thick enough HP is indeed very strong for dueling his enemies 1 vs 1.

In addition, Esmeralda also has passive skills that can provide Physical Damage and Magic Damage to enemies. So it’s no wonder, this hero is very difficult to beat.

But don’t worry, because here we have a recommendation for the toughest hero counters who can beat Her.

Curious? Check and check the list below.

1. Karrie – Marksman


Hero Marksman who is able to break through the defense of a Fighter hero even though this is a Tank will make Esmeralda overwhelmed if she fights him.

The reason is, his Karrie Light Wheel Mark skill can provide true damage during the fifth basic attack.

In addition, with her ultimate skill which is able to reduce Esmeralda’s blood faster because the resulting attack damage is very large.

2. Lancelot – Assassin


The strongest and best Assassin Hero in Mobile Legends is able to kill Esmeralda very easily and quickly thanks to his combo attack skills.

Interestingly, Lancelot also has a passive Soul Cutter skill which can reduce enemy armor and provide enormous extra damage to enemies.

3. Aldous – Fighter


This hero who was very overpowered in the late game was also very deadly during the early game.

Because, this hero has a deadly combo skill and is able to produce enormous attack damage.

In addition, this hero also has a passive skill that can produce a shield for 3 seconds, you know.

4. Lunox – Mage


This Mage Hero who has Starlight Pulse and Chaos Assasul skills will make Esmeralda in the early game be defeated in an instant.

In fact, Lunox also has two ultimate skills with different abilities and damage. Interesting right?

5. Barats – Fighter

Barats Esmeralda Counter

The last hero who can counter Esmeralda is Barats.

Barats is a Fighter hero who has a very deadly passive skill for Esmeralda.

Where Barats also has the ultimate skill that can provide a stun effect for a few seconds and provide a large enough Physical Damage for Esmeralda.

So, that was the list of the 5 heaviest hero counters for Esmeralda in Mobile Legends 2020. How, are you interested in conquering Esmeralda with the row of heroes above, right?

SNK Game Collection

SNK Largest Shareholder Is The Arab Prince

  • November 30, 2020

SNK is not just a fresh name in the video game business, the owner of this King of Fighters fighting game company started his new career in 1973 via the arcade game system business. Then they developed video gaming from 1979 and 1980. During its peak, the business which stands for Shin Nihon Kikaku entered your home console industry together with neo geo AES at 1990.

Their long work has made them among the very experienced programmers in the world. They have produced hundreds of matches, but just a few franchises have lived.

SNK also produced various other games such as Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury, along with Sakura Wars. Not to mention there is the King of Fighter series from 1995-1998 which is the most favorite games at that time. However, they are now focused on fighting games compared to various other genres that have matches which are far more arcade-oriented.

SNK Game Collection
SNK Game Collection

With so many portfolios, it is not surprising that all these investors want to “share” using them. But , they announced today that the Arab prince officially owns most of the stocks.

In accordance with reports by Korean websites e-daily along with bloter (via google interpret and ResetEra), a Arab company known as Electronic Gaming Development Company or EGDC reported they had bought a 33.3% stake from SNK. Lately, this agreement had been 100% financed by the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as the biggest shareholder in EGDC.

The move is a part of the many major steps that the Prince of Arabia program called “Saudi Vision 2030” will simply take, which will revolve around technology and tourism.

SNK itself was bought by several investors from China in 2015. They intend to alter all the properties of their Western company “like Marvel”.

Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 3 Most Expensive Game Cassette

  • November 29, 2020

The title as the most expensive game cassette ever sold actually fell on Super Mario Bros 3. This happened during the auction held by Auction Heritage some time ago.

Quoted from The Verge, Wednesday (11/25/2020), the game, which was released in 1990. Was successfully sold for USD 156 thousand (IDR 2 billion). The initial price for this game is opened starting from USD 62,500 (IDR 887 million).

Sold at a price of Rp. 2 billion, this game beat the previous record holder held by Super Mario Bros. At the auction in July 2020, the game was successfully sold for USD 114 thousand (IDR 1.6 billion).

Successfully Sold At Auction

mario bros

According to Auction Heritage, which held the auction. This game was successfully sold at a high price due to a number of factors. One of them is that this game has a box design that is somewhat rare.

On the box, the words ‘Bros’ from Super Mario Bros are on the left side of the box. Making it cover Mario’s right hand who appears on the cover. While the following editions, the writing was shifted further to the center.

In addition, with the condition that is still sealed plus the original and still good box, it has succeeded in selling well. In fact, a game with a similar title was only successfully sold for USD 38,400 (IDR 545 million) in July 2020.

The difference cannot be separated from the Wata rating that each game has. In July 2020, this copy of the Super Mario Bros 3 game only received a Wata 9.0 A rating, while those that were recently sold had a Wata 9.2 A Plus rating.

For information, Wata ratings are usually used to show the conditions of old games offered. The higher the value, it means that the game is still sold in complete condition, such as a box, manual, and cartridges.

Meanwhile, the function of the letters in this rating shows the quality of the game that is still sealed. Just like the assessment in general, the letter A indicates the quality of the seal in the game is still good and new like the first time it was released.

Print History, Older Super Mario Bros Game Cassettes Sold for Rp. 1.6 Billion

super mario bros

Previously, a tape from the old Super Mario Bros. game that was still in its sealed condition had just made history in the world game industry. Why?

The game cartridge, which was first launched in 1985. Was successfully sold to an anonymous bidder at an auction held by Heritage Auctions.

Sold for USD 114,000 or Rp 1.6 billion. This Super Mario Bros cartridge was able to beat the previous auction record. For the same game – for USD 100,000 or Rp 1.4 billion in February 2019.

“The demand for this game is very high, if anything is being sold again then it is likely that the price tag will be similar to the current one,” said Valarie McLeckie, Heritage Auctions Video Games Director, in his official statement, Monday (13/7/2020 ).

The reason this game is sold at a high price
Furthermore, the Super Mario Bros. game this time was able to make history because it was still wrapped in the sales box.

Not only that, this cartridge is still sealed in the hangtab (hanging plastic outside the cartridge box).

“The Super Mario Bros. game is still in a limited-production plastic in the US market before finally using shrinkage plastic to seal every video game,” explained Heritage Auctions.

Because they still use the hangtab. The price of this Super Mario Bros game cartridge is also sold at a fantastic price.

PUBG Mobile

Knowing What is PUBG Mobile

  • November 28, 2020

Hi Guys! Do you often hear a game called PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile or what is commonly called PUBG Mobile? Because this Battle Royale Mobile Game is viral and is being played a lot by your friends, surely you are wondering “What is PUBG Mobile?”.

So, today we will tell you a brief explanation about what is PUBG Mobile? Come on, see the following article!

What is PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale Mobile Game published by Tencent and has reached 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Where 100 players fight to survive, until one of them becomes the winner.

PUBG MOBILE is adapted from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The original Battle Royale game on PC and Xbox One and is a phenomenon that has amazed the interactive entertainment world in 2017. The 100 players will parachute onto an island covering 8×8 km to fight in battles where the winner will take everything !

Knowing The Gameplay Feature

Players must find and retrieve their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat all other players in sight as well as the battlefield that puts players into a shrinking Play Zone.

When the players start the game, they will be on the plane. Then the player will dive into a location using a parachute to find survival equipment. Such as weapons, armor, and healing items.


After a few minutes, a white circle indicating the Play Zone will appear and players must immediately enter the Play Zone circle.

The PUBG play zone will renew and shrink when the circle time reaches 0:00. This made some areas unsafe. Players who are outside the white circle (Play Zone) will bleed and die, then the white circle will shrink continuously.

As a result of the shrinking of the Play Zone, all players will meet each other in the last circle. After that they will battle it out to survive and become the last player to win the Chicken Dinner.

Can Be Played Co-Op

You can also play with your friends! With the Duo or Squad modes in this game, making PUBG Mobile very exciting and tense! You will work together to beat other teams to become the last team standing!

That’s the brief explanation about understanding PUBG Mobile. Now you have know what you need to know, it’s time to play with your friend.