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Terizla Mobile Legends Item Build to Optimize Attack and Defense

  • February 2, 2021

Terizla Mobile Legends Item Build to Optimize Attack and Defense. You need a fighter hero with high damage and attack in Mobile Legend. The right choice is Terizla a hero in Mobile Legend. What makes this hero popular is the ability to provide damage so that it is worthy of being a tank and fighter simultaneously. However, the downside is that it is slow. Enemy heroes can dodge and then make Terizla an easy target. In order for optimal attacks and better hero performance, you need a Build Item called Mobile Legends. The following list shows some items that are suitable for pairing with the terizla fighter type hero.

Shoes Equipment for Terizla is Warrior Boots

The first thing that needs to be addressed is speed and movement. To meet these needs, you need to pair boots. The right choice is warrior boots. This is an item that is useful for increasing physical movement. With this item, you can move the terizla hero smoothly.

Another advantage is 22 armor points. This addition is useful for defense. Hero fighters can indeed provide damage but are vulnerable to counterattacks. The fast movement also triggers the enemy to continue attacking as you approach them. Therefore, heroes need defense armor. Other terizla build items in Mobile Legends as an alternative are tough boots and demon shoes.

Attack Equipment for Terizla is Bloodlust Ax

The next item is bloodlust ax. This is an item that can increase physical attacks. For those who use terizla, physical attacks need to be greater. Items like this are the right choice. Besides that, you also get passive skills that can be used to increase capabilities.

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Defence Item for Terizla is Athena’s Shield

You need to think about defense when using the terizla. Damage is large but there must be something that can protect against long-range attacks, especially magic. To meet these needs, the right choice of Bang Bang Mobile Legends items is Athena’s Shield.

Items like this are useful in the late game. In that session, the enemy hero will launch a major attack because he has received damage. The main target is a hero who is easily attacked because his movements tend to be slow. You are wearing a terizla and have to be prepared for the attack. Another function of this item is to survive magic and keep mana from being wasteful.

Another Attack equipment for Terizla is Endless Battle

The most important build item in Mobile Legends is endless battle. This is an attack item with additional useful features. Items will increase mana regen, lifesteal, and HP. Furthermore, the hero also receives a cooldown reduction. With this feature, you are ready to attack again with a quick period.

Wings of The Apocalypse Queen

The latest sickest build item is Wings of the Apocalypse Queen. This is an item that can both defend and attack. When used, the hero will receive around 1000 hp. A quite significant number, especially in the final battle.


Fighters must remain until the battle is over. If you die or lose, the hero will appear again because you use an immortality item. Apart from these features, items provide pretty good defense. Damage will be reduced because it is able to absorb attacks. Immortality’s job is to survive and you change to malefic roar when your position is superior.

The most popular build item in Mobile Legends shows that high level attack is not enough. This hero must be able to reach the enemy. In addition, attacks also need to be balanced with defense. You don’t want the terizla hero to quickly lose and even die just because you choose the wrong defensive item. The list above shows what needs to be bought and used so that the strategy is more optimal.

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