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The Astro’s Playroom game for PS 5

  • February 5, 2021

The Astro’s Playroom game for PS 5. Even though it comes as a platformer game as a basic mechanic; Astro’s Playroom is not design like conventional adventure games in general. Unlike the previous series; the fantastic Rescue Mission on Playstation VR; the existence of the Astro’s Playroom series seems clearly designed to fulfill at least two goals; “celebrating” the release of the Playstation 5; and being a small demo of what this new generation console has to offer. So this is what he succeeded in doing.

With a position that can almost be called the “mascot” for the Playstation outside of Knack in the Playstation 4 era yesterday; Astro’s Playroom will bring you into the Playstation 5 architecture as a “playground”. The world is divided into four different levels; each of which represents the technology that the Playstation 5 has used as a mainstay. With a small hub called CPU Plaza, you can dive into GPU Jungle, SSD Speedway, Cooling Springs, and Memory Meadow. Each of these worlds of course comes with a different theme while maintaining the aesthetics of the enemy; world, and environment that we know from the Astrobot series so far.

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Generational Celebration of the Sony’s PS 5

In the end; Astro’s Playroom was intend as a celebration for the Playstation’s activities in the gaming industry over the last 25 years. The puzzle pieces and various artifacts that you can collect as you explore each level; are usually associate with a specific Playstation console.

Even apart from the name he is carrying; each level is usually intend to celebrate a specific Playstation generation. Therefore; it is divide into 4 different levels; where every artifact that appears is usually relate to the console. Do you still remember the Playstation 2 Memory Card; Multi-Tap Playstation 1, PSP GO which was not popular in Indonesia; to the Playstation One which was equipp with a portable television? A replica of almost every accessory; console, and handheld that was release now comes to Astro’s Playroom with minimal interactivity in it.

Still not enough? They even provide a room call the Playstation Labo which will be fill with all the artifacts and puzzle pieces you find, which have made the history of the Playstation for the last 25 years even more “shine”. You can also see how other Astro-bots also carry out activities relate to the Playstation itself, from enjoying VR, admiring the Trophy system that is display on one of the tables, to those who are fiddling with consoles, games, and accessories that are now multiple sizes. -fold their bodies. Everything is present with a distinctive cute sound effect.

Another Astro’s Playroom ‘in game’ feature

The celebration doesn’t stop there. The Asobi Team has also injected a myriad of easter egg games that have accompanied Playstation’s progress at almost all levels you encounter. This easter egg appears in an iconic costume and scene that the Astro Bots have now recreated in front of the camera. Trying to find and recognize every easter egg that appears is also fun, especially if you have your own emotional attachment to them. One thing is certain, all of these franchises have made the Playstation the “home” of their first series. We’re talking about easter eggs as clear as Death Stranding, Killzone, to Tekken, but those that need a little digestion are like Journey or the first Resident Evil. Of course, they wouldn’t miss Final Fantasy VII here.

In terms of music or sound effects, Astro’s Playroom doesn’t come with music quality that will be enough to make you inject them into your Spotify playlist. But still following their mission as a game that celebrates Playstation’s life, they end up injecting every Playstation engine start-up song, in every generation, depending on the level you complete. It is undeniable that hearing again the sound of the start-up that had accompanied this youth, especially for the Playstation 1 and Playstation 2, did leave a strong nostalgic sensation. Meanwhile, on the other hand, this game has strengthened its position as a celebration of the Playstation generation itself. (The Astro’s Playroom game for PS 5)

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